Volue’s Summer Intern Programme Continues to Deliver Success

We’ve caught up with some of those who took part in this year’s intern programme – we’re delighted to share that they have all had a positive experience.


Aug 22, 2023

Volue Summer Interns 2023

Each year, we welcome some of the brightest young minds to our business as part of Volue’s internship programme. Every summer, those taking part get the opportunity to transform their academic knowledge into tangible business experience.  

As we go through this journey together, our interns have the chance to learn from Volue’s experts, contribute to real-time projects, and make meaningful networks along the way.

Petter Lauvrak, who worked with the team at Volue Insight, said:

“When working as a summer intern at Volue, I felt like I was really contributing to the company and that my work was appreciated and used. The best thing about the internship has been the good vibe we have had at the office and on social gatherings, both among the students and also the full-time employees.”

Oskar Våle, who also worked with the Volue Insight team, had this to say:

“Being an intern at Volue has been a great experience. I learned a lot, got to work on very fun projects, and even got some inspiration for my master’s thesis. The best thing about the internship though, was the people. I had some great colleagues that taught me a lot and made me feel part of the team.”

Haakon Lauvrak, spoke about one of his favourite pieces of work:

“One of my most significant projects was a net scraping job. In this project, we gathered data on power plants, then matched the data we discovered with the existing data in our database.”

He added: “Being an intern at Volue was a highly enriching experience. From day one, I felt integrated into the team and appreciated the welcoming atmosphere and wonderful colleagues. The best aspect of my internship was undoubtedly the hands-on experience of working on real tasks. I found the projects not only to be challenging but also incredibly interesting and enjoyable. The chance to see my work be of actual value to the company and its operations was truly rewarding.”

Iver Grønlien, who also worked with our Insight team in Arendal, had this to say of his experience:

“Working as an intern at Volue was great, since I got to take part and contribute to their products, and investigate new solutions they could use. This made me feel like a part of the team, and not like dead weight.”

Hoese Michel Tornyeviadzi is a final year PhD Research Fellow in Hydro-Informatics from NTNU Ålesund. He was working with the Infrastructure team in Trondheim and had this to say of his 6 weeks at Volue:

“It was a great opportunity to intern with Volue. The Infrastructure and AI teams are exceptional, enriched with expert domain knowledge, and rich experience to learn from.”

So, while that’s it for this year’s summer intern activity, we hope you’ve enjoyed reading about the first-hand experiences of just some of the talented individuals who took part.

Do you want to join Volue as a summer intern?

Have the experiences of this year’s group of interns interested you? Do you want to join one of Europe’s most exciting green tech companies and develop technology for a sustainable tomorrow? If so, watch out for updates later this year on how you can apply to be an intern in 2024.

We look forward to hearing from you.