Three Reasons to Join Volue as a Consultant

There has never been a better time to join Volue. Anja Frogner, Head of Consultancy for Energy Solutions at Volue, tells us why.


Dec 21, 2023

Energy Production Planning Software

Anja Frogner, Head of Consultancy at Volue

Join Volue to become a consultant with purpose.

For the past 4 years, Anja Frogner has led a large team of consultants (currently 25 of them) responsible for configuring Volue’s off-the-shelf power production optimisation and trading software to support Volue customers in the green energy transition.

The consultants bring to the table a variety of skills. They have in-depth knowledge of software, experience in analysing business processes and, last but not least, knowledge of the energy sector.

We asked Anja Frogner about the top three reasons to join Volue as a consultant.

#1 Bring about business change

With a growing share of renewables, power production planning and trading become more challenging.

“Consultants at Volue make a difference right away because their work directly impacts the customer’s ability to operate in the market. They go straight into the core business processes of the customer. Customers often tell us that our projects go beyond IT implementation, that they bring about business change,” says Anja Frogner.

“Process automation and optimal use of flexible assets have become very important for staying competitive. Our customers need to respond to the volatility in the market in the best possible way. Every 15 or 60 minutes, there are changes in the market. For each step, there is new data affecting decisions. For this reason, power producers are moving away from manual processes.”

Consultants at Volue have a very close dialogue with customers.

“The consultants understand what power production entails. They know the most important elements of power production and this helps them get to the information they need. Some processes will be possible to automate. For others, you would need manual interaction. The team can assess where we can minimise manual and repetitive work and introduce automation.”

Once the consultants understand the customer’s needs, they go about configuring the software.

“Our software provides power producers with production plans from the market and allows them to distribute and optimise the production automatically. The output from our software is the most optimal way to run production units.”

#2 Stay ahead of the game with data and data management platforms

A big part of the work at Volue is to prepare raw customer data for automatic processing and to shape the data to be handled by the optimisation solution.

“We are now working on migrating the flat structure that our customers have in their time-series database for our products to the new structure in Mesh which is an object-oriented time series structure,” says Anja Frogner.

As part of the process, Volue consultants revise the customers’ data structures and configure their data management platforms. The goal is to create the best possible structure in the future setup.

“We help customers look through their business processes and the data they have. Why is this data important? Which data is more important and which data is less important? How can it all be simplified in our solution? With the help of our data management software, customers can structure the multitude of data series available to them, filtering data and setting up an object structure.”

#3 Contribute to sustainability

“Without our software, the green transition would not be possible. It would not be possible to get all the renewables into the market. Power producers wouldn’t be able to bid in such a volatile market without support from our solutions or similar,” says Anja Frogner.

Her team is very conscious of this.

“This is not about the small steps. This is about enabling a massive change. Sustainability is a very important aspect of working as a consultant at Volue. We see the green shift from a macro perspective."

Join Volue to become a consultant with purpose.

About Anja Frogner

Anja’s own professional journey started with an MSc in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Norway’s leading technical university, NTNU. Fresh out of university, she worked on IT projects for an energy company. Later, she switched to the financial industry and worked for a software company for more than ten years.

“I came back to energy because I saw all the interesting things happening. I decided that I wanted to work with IT and energy.“

After working for a management consultancy for two years, in 2014 she joined Powel, one of Volue’s founding companies.