Unlocking a better and more prosperous future with Volue

We recently caught up with Sergio Renteria, Head of Quality and Sustainability at Volue, and Maria Dalvik, Strategy Adviser, Quality, Volue, to discuss their focus on sustainability, the company’s approach to framework models, and what’s to come in 2024.

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Sustainable development remains vital for us all

Volue is a leading technology supplier and enabler of the green transition. The company offers software, insight and services that are critical for society. Our mission is clear: to realise a cleaner and more profitable future for our 2,500+ customers and the global society.

At Volue, we understand that sustainable development is vital for all of us. That development comes with challenges that require stability. A strong focus of our strategy centres on the belief that great people, delivering end-to-end platforms and technology services, hold the key to unlocking a better and more prosperous future.

Striving for a sustainable world

“I think everyone would now agree that the future demands cleaner, better and more sustainable solutions. Through the successful delivery of our own products and services, we empower our customers to play their part in the green transition,” says Sergio Renteria, Head of Quality and Sustainability at Volue.

“But we also look closely at our own activity and constantly review and update our efforts to ensure that we are ourselves facilitate, deliver and enhance the sustainability of the company,” he adds.   

Volue’s activity sees the company continuously striving for a sustainable world that balances the use of our common resources, as Sergio explains. “All of us operating within the sector realise that the transition to a sustainable tomorrow is happening now, it’s not something that is coming down the line, and I am proud to work for a company that enables our customers to be a part of it. Our goal has always been to enable and support any participant in the energy system to make a positive contribution towards the green transition, and that’s exactly what we are doing,” he said.

UN Global Impact

When working with sustainability, Volue operates within proven frameworks, both to keep its strategic focus on the areas where it can make the greatest impact, and to ensure transparent reporting that brings value to our stakeholders.

Volue has been a signatory of the UN Global Compact (UNGC) since 2021. UNGC is a voluntary initiative based on CEO commitments to implement universal sustainability principles and to take steps to support UN goals.

Maria Dalvik, Strategy Adviser, Quality, Volue, explains more. “As a signatory, Volue actively engages with the UN Global Compact and makes an annual financial contribution based on annual revenue. As an active member of UN Global Compact, we also share our communication of progress, which is accessible through UNGC’s public database.”

An example to illustrate this further is Volue’s commitment to working systematically towards the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. Specific key goals have been selected based on the industries in which Volue operates, and the products produced, developed and delivered.

Maria once again takes up the story. “By way of context, our expertise within energy production, optimisation, trading and distribution allows energy companies to get the most out of their resources. This plays an important role in enabling an energy future with a greener energy mix and the choice of goals that we are working towards reflects this,” she notes.

“We take part in several innovation projects on smart communities and enhanced use of renewable resources locally, which fuel electrification and renewable energy consumption and reduce the need for new grid investments,” adds Maria.

Volue also offers systems documentation of water infrastructure, detection of leakages and renewal planning. Combined with our competences within instrumentation and automation, we help ensure that water and wastewater are transported safely and prevents flooding and waste. 

Volue Sustainable development goals

Looking to the future

“From 2024, we will report in line with the new Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). We welcome these new regulations, as we believe it will heighten the overall standards of sustainability reporting and contribute to more transparency on sustainability, which is a step in the right direction,” notes Maria.

“As we look at our activity this year and beyond, we have outlined several goals and aspirations to ensure that the way forward for Volue remains aligned with sustainability. We want to finalise and implement an updated environmental policy, coupled with a robust training program for our employees, illustrating our unwavering dedication to green practices from the ground up,” says Sergio.

“We’re also embracing the challenge of increased EU Taxonomy alignment, with a commitment to meticulously document the climate impact of our current product portfolio,” adds Maria.

Each piece of activity undertaken is done to contribute meaningfully to the collective journey we must all take towards a sustainable future.

In closing, Sergio had this to say: 

Sergio Renteria

Sergio Renteria, Head of Quality and Sustainability at Volue

“By working collectively, our commitments continue to propel us towards a future where sustainability isn't just a goal, but something that underpins all that we do. I’m proud of the work that the company does and incredibly grateful to those in my team who ensure that every procedure and each outcome remains aligned with the mission and the vision of the company. By continuing to do so and by working together, we will ensure the delivery of a cleaner, better and more sustainable future.”