Announcing Volue’s Diversity & Inclusion Initiative

Based on Volue’s Diversity & Inclusion Policy, the initiative will boost Volue's work on diversity and inclusion. Here’s how.

Volue Arendal Office

In Volue, we believe that in order to be a successful company, we need to bring everyone to the table.

We look at diversity as a competitive advantage. A diverse workforce enables better decision-making and creates more value.

This is especially important because we work in complex industries that are undergoing transition. We need different approaches to problem-solving and we need to avoid group thinking.

When we speak about diversity, we refer to embracing and encouraging our employees’ differences in age, ethnicity, gender, physical and mental ability, political affiliation, religion and sexual orientation, and other characteristics that make our employees unique.

By inclusion, we refer to the sense of belonging and being part of a community at work. We want the people of Volue to feel welcome, valued and not least encouraged to bring their whole, unique selves to work.

The Diversity & Inclusion Initiative is a way to provide a framework and a roadmap for implementing measures and monitoring progress along our diversity and inclusion journey.

How far have we come?

To monitor progress, first, we have to measure our diversity and inclusion efforts.

This is where we were at the end of 2021.

Gender balance

  • 24% women across the organisation
  • 21% representation of women at management level

International working environment

  • 36 Nationalities represented in the organisation
  • 41% non-Norwegians

Balanced age groups

  • Employees under 30: 16%
  • Employees between 30-49: 55%
  • Employees above 50: 29%

What goals have we set?

To measure progress, we will monitor three parameters: Gender, Age, and Geographical spread. Some of our goals are below.

Diversity KPI 9 March2022

How will we achieve our goals?

We have a long list of measures we are already putting in place. They focus on the three pillars: recruit, retain & develop, and speak up. Here are some of the measures:

• We actively promote our diversity ambitions in the recruitment process and transparently communicate recruitment figures at Volue’s career site.

• We provide training for Volue recruiters and recruiting leaders on bias detection and awareness.

• We implement terms & conditions facilitating work-life balance across all phases of life.

• We offer training to all employees on unconscious bias and harassment to increase awareness of unconscious discrimination and harassment.

• We conduct succession planning with follow-up programmes to lift more women to leadership positions.

• We sponsor organisations aiming to promote diversity in the workplace, such as Oda and Kraftkvinnene, and similar organisations in all Volue countries.

• We promote diversity on all events we organise or take part in, by always ensuring >30% representation of each gender among Volue speakers.

Our work on diversity and inclusion ties in well with the Volue values of being TRUSTWORTHY EXPLORERS working TOGETHER for a SUSTAINABLE tomorrow.

Check out the Volue Diversity & Inclusion Chart

Read our Diversity & Inclusion Policy

At Volue, we want to secure a diverse and inclusive workplace by providing equal opportunities in recruitment, development, promotions, and education. We are working towards being diverse and inclusive within the dimensions of age, ethnicity, gender, language, religion, sexual orientation, physical and mental ability and thinking styles. To achieve our goals, we have created our own Diversity & Inclusion Policy.