Volue Successfully Implements Smart Power Software Suite at A2A – Life Company


Jan 30, 2024

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Volue, a leading provider of technologies and services driving the energy transition, is proud to announce the successful implementation of its Smart Power software suite at A2A – Life Company.  

A2A will leverage Volue's cutting-edge software to enhance bidding and dispatch processes in the Italian power markets, reinforcing their position as a key player in the evolving energy landscape.  

Volue's Smart Power software suite will support A2A's strategic decision-making, power plant production planning, and optimisation across short-term markets, including day ahead, intraday, reserves, and TSO nomination. A2A operates a diversified portfolio of hydro, thermal, solar, and wind power plants.  

The rising prominence of intermittent renewable energy sources has introduced market fluctuations and price volatility tied to weather conditions. Balancing supply and demand while integrating flexible generation and renewables is crucial for supporting the energy transition. With Volue Smart Power, A2A gains the ability to optimise their asset portfolios and capture maximum value across various power market streams, while significantly improving operational efficiency. 

The collaboration with Volue has allowed A2A to design and apply more complex algorithms and models on their work processes currently in place. With these features, in fact, A2A is able to optimise the production of their power plants thanks to the software. The collaboration with Volue has allowed A2A to make work processes more efficient and flexible. The potential of the product has also allowed A2A to automate some key aspects of their daily operations.   

Trond Straume, CEO of Volue, expressed his enthusiasm for collaborating with A2A, stating "We are delighted to partner with A2A during this pivotal time of increasing complexities in the power markets. By embracing automation and asset optimisation, our customers, like A2A, can navigate the evolving energy landscape with confidence."  

Marco Boninella, Account Executive for A2A at Volue, highlighted the flexibility of the Smart Power software suite, stating, "Our collaboration with A2A has allowed us to replace a significant portion of their tailor-made processes developed over the years. This exemplifies the adaptability of Smart Power to market-specific rules and customer-specific processes. We are committed to supporting A2A's requirements today and in the future."  

At the heart of Volue's Smart Power software is Volue Mesh, an open and flexible object-oriented data management solution. Mesh provides a comprehensive framework for modelling relevant objects, attributes, time series, and their interconnections within a portfolio. This contextualised data modelling approach enhances data availability, maintainability, and accessibility, empowering users to make informed decisions.  

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Volue is a market leader in technologies and services that power the green transition. Based on 50 years of experience, Volue provides innovative solutions, systems, and insights to industries critical to society. Over 800 employees work with more than 2,500 customers across energy, power grid, water and infrastructure projects that ensure a sustainable, flexible, and reliable future. The company is headquartered in Oslo, Norway and is active in 40+ countries.    


About A2A:  

Listed on the Italian stock exchange, with over 13,000 employees, the Group manages the generation, sale and distribution of energy and sale and distribution of gas, district heating, waste cycle, electric mobility and smart services for cities, public lighting, and integrated water service. Sustainability is at the heart of A2A's industrial strategy, and its Industrial Plan foresees investments of €16 billion to 2030 in projects aligned with the UN Agenda in order to promote the country's sustainable growth and make the energy transition and circular economy concrete realities.  


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