Volue Announces the Launch of Spark's First Service

Oslo, Norway, 22 March. Volue, a market leader in technologies and services that power the green transition, has announced the launch of Spark's first service.


Mar 22, 2023

Spark EV charger chagrin a car

It will see the use of partner collaboration to deliver a data-driven smart-charging solution. By leveraging long-term power price prediction, EV owners can now make informed decisions on when to charge their vehicles, saving on their power bill and contributing to a more sustainable energy ecosystem.

The service will provide users with smart charging optimised for a week-long price forecast. As the partner ecosystem is independent of power suppliers, it will enable automakers, EV fleets, and charging operators to provide their customers with even greater value

Tor Reier Lilleholt, Head of Analysis at Insight by Volue, said: “With the increasing popularity of smart charging services, consumers have long been able to save money based on spot prices. As more renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind, are integrated into the power system, the volatility of power pricing is expected to increase from day to day.

“By providing consumers with insight into power price predictions, Volue's advanced analytics will help EV owners choose the right day or timeslot to charge their vehicles during the week, offering additional opportunities for savings on their power bills.”

On the announcement, Kjetil Storset, Spark Lead, Volue said: “By pairing real-time data with long-term forecasting, we are creating real value for consumers, EV aggregators and distributors.”