Power Grid Software

The green transition is transforming the energy industry. As a Nordic market leader for more than 30 years, our innovative software solutions enable grid companies to streamline and automate their processes related to designing, maintaining, analysing and monitoring their power grid.

Our solutions

Grid Documentation & Data Management

Consolidate all grid data permanently in one or several synchronised and validated models to achieve full transparency about your grid. ​This provides you with the needed foundation for all subsequent processes.

Grid Planning & Analytics

Plan your network for the future, examine the effects of expansion measures and new supply tasks and leverage real-time data for improved decisions making.​ Leverage the data acquired to achieve operational excellence.​

Grid Connection Services

Automate your processes around the grid integration of new generation plants and consumers.​ Save time and resources and improve customer communication.​

Grid Operation

Use the available data for full real-time visibility of grid status and better operational management, including outages and scheduling of work.​ Be ready for optimised flexibility usage for congestion management and Redispatch 2.0 & 3.0.

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Isak Bergset, Nordic Sales Manager

Isak Bergset, Nordic Sales Manager