Gemini Communicator

Let Gemini Communicator help you improve citizen services and gain more structure and overview when handling citizen observations

Notified Directly

Notified Directly

Let citizens report observations of possible issues directly on your homepage or app, and get a full overview with all observations stored digitally

User friendly

User friendly

The solution is designed to be used from the field, allowing citizens to report observations from their mobile and for operators in the field to create and sign off tasks while they work

Continuously adapt

Continuously adapt

With feature rich admin pages you can change, add and remove themes and organisational structure inside the solution, meaning there's no need for external assistance to adapt the solution


Gemini Communicator is a cloud service developed by Volue. It uses a public page to report observations integrated into the municipality's website. Here, residents can easily go in to report a hole in the road or a water leak. This inquiry is automatically routed in Gemini Communicator to the correct department in the municipality, which in turn can process the inquiry in an efficient manner. The solution is fully adapted to mobile devices which lets the operators receive, treat and complete tasks in the field. 

  • Cloud-based solution that provides secure operations and high availability

  • Observations are routed to the correct unit

  • Creation and execution of tasks follows process-oriented workflow

  • Case officers and the service centre easily get an overview of ongoing tasks, and can follow history and internal dialogue

  • Available in the field via mobile and tablet

  • Administrator pages to adapt the solution to their municipality -  no need for external consultants to adapt the solution as needs change

  • The public can register observations directly from the municipality's website

  • The municipality can publish operating messages to the public on their website

Access to read API: When accessing the Gemini Message API, data can be read out and used in other applications, for example when producing statistics.

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