Gemini Notify

Gemini Notify is a new and modern notification service that helps the municipality to provide better information to their residents.

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A solution designed to be used from fields so that the alert can be created and sent out directly when the event occurs



Notifying everything from large areas to detailed selections with predefined templates to ensure precise information for citizens



Customisation of templates, internal groups and members is easily handled in the solution

The notifications improve the level of service towards residents, but also internal communication in the municipality. Everyone gets the same information and communicates around the same notification. This saves time for the municipalities.

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Gemini Notify is a solution to notify errors and deficiencies in the water and sewage system of municipalities. This can, for example, be a report of water leaks or closure of the water. Gemini Notify is tightly integrated with several of the products in the Gemini portfolio, which give you a good overview when the incident occurs. By using address-based notification, residents are found at affected addresses and predefined templates ensure that the information sent to the citizen is adapted to the incident.

Notify has a user-friendly design, which makes it easy for municipal employees to send out notifications from the office or out in the field.

Gemini Notify follows a stepwise process for defining recipients and sending out notifications. Gemini Notify uses Fram Web AS as a subcontractor for dispatch.

  • Define recipient based on area chosen in map, or uploading recipients

  • Send notifications via SMS, voice message, e-mail or the municipality's website

  • Predefined templates that ask by area, date, start and end time make it efficient and secure to send out alerts from both PC, mobile and tablet. 

  • Add internal groups to the notification to ensure correct information is received internally, such as emergency response groups or the security team

  • Uses public registers such as the National Population Register, the Contact and Reservation Register, the Central Coordinating Register for Legal Entities for the Brønnøysund Register Centre, 1881, the cadastre and the Supplementary register to

  • Available in the field by mobile and tablet so you can alert anytime and from anywhere

  • Simulated mode to train new users or test out alerts

    Access to public view: When accessing the public view, the alert can be made available with a map section and the notification text on the municipality's website. Media and citizens can be referred to the website to gain access to selected notifications.

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