Gemini QuantiFlow

The service that provides precise quantity control and collaboration in construction projects.

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One and the same source of truth

One and the same source of truth

Reduce misunderstandings that can arise through different data sources. All project participants have access to one and the same source of truth.

Streamlined invoicing

Streamlined invoicing

The solution gives you full control over costs and quantities in construction projects.

Transparency in the organization

Transparency in the organization

Everyone in the project has access to reported quantities and can follow the progress of the project.

Gemini QuantiFlow is a service designed to offer complete control over costs and quantities in construction projects. With a focus on eliminating misunderstandings that may arise in a project, Gemini QuantiFlow provides a centralized platform where all project participants have access to accurate and up-to-date records, seamlessly tracking the progress of quantity production throughout the project phase. The service is scalable and tailored to projects of various sizes and complexities.

Benefits Gemini QuantiFlow provides all project participants with one and the same source of truth. This eliminates the risk of misinformation and instills confidence in the decision-making process. All decisions are made based on updated and reliable data, leading to more informed and efficient choices.

With Gemini QuantiFlow, users can measure progress in real-time. This allows for immediate adaptation and quick response to any changes in the project. Easy access to updated information provides a solid foundation for effective planning and coordination.

The service reduces the risk of misunderstandings that often arise from different data sources. All relevant project participants have access to the same, accurate data, creating a common understanding foundation for the entire project organization.

Gemini QuantiFlow is designed with a focus on user-friendliness and accessibility. The platform is intuitive and easy to navigate, tailored to various roles and technical competency levels. This ensures that all project participants, regardless of experience, can benefit from the service.

Gemini QuantiFlow is more than just a service; it is a tool that empowers the project organization to achieve optimal performance through improved information sharing, precise resource management, and continuous updates throughout the project phase. With QuantiFlow, construction projects take a significant step toward greater efficiency, cost control, and success.


Gemini Quantities provides accurate reporting of production and forms a good basis for invoicing. It improves the overview of a project's progress and gives good control over the project management. 

By giving everyone at the facility access to contract items and job descriptions, you ensure that the job is performed in accordance with the contract.

The solution presupposes that contract items and descriptions are uploaded from Gemini ProAdm to our cloud solution Gemini Connected.

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