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It is crucial to know the exact location of the network and its essential information to be able to deliver good services to the citizens. To be able to plan maintenance and renewal of the assets the documented data of the network are vital. The more you know about the materials, dimensions, operational history, and other information, the easier and more data driven the decision. The Gemini VA database can also be used as a basis for hydraulic modelling, allowing for calculation of pressure and water flow within the pipeline network.

water and sewer network
The NIS system for Water and Sewage

The NIS system for Water and Sewage

Provides full overview and contributes to the efficient management of the pipeline network. Supoorts current requirements from SOSI GML Dataflow and the Norwegian “Ledningsregisteringsforskriften”

Marked-leading in Norway

Marked-leading in Norway

90% of the Norwegian water and waste-water network in Norway are documented in Gemini VA, with over 200 Norwegian clients. This domain product have been the preferred NIS solution to document the water and wasterwater network since 1983 and is continuously improving based on feedback from clients and regulation from government.

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It is not only necessary to know where the pipe lines are located and how old they are in order to plan maintenance and renewal of the water and wastewater network. The more you know about wiring materials, dimensions, operating history and other information about the pipe network, the easier it will be to renew the pipe harness where it is needed most. The Gemini VA database is also used as a basis for hydraulic modelling to calculate pressure and water flow in the pipe network. 

Gemini VA is the professional system used to document the VA wiring network as it was built, operating history, reporting, diary and plans.

  • The water network get documented with standardised attributes

  • Relate all operation data directly to the asset to make improved maintenance and renewal decisions

  • Different presentations of the network depending on attributes and operational data

  • Plan and order tasks to be performed in Gemini Portal

  • Get statistics from the whole network or only parts of it
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