Gemini Water Alert

Gemini Water Alert uses machine learning to predict normal water flow within supply zones and generates timely alarms in the event of potential leakages. Alarms can be sent automatically as e-mails and text messages. The solution provides municipalities with a useful overview of the water supply in a simple and intuitive map-based user interface. Users are always up to date with real time data and can make data driven decisions in daily operation. The solution allows for early water leak detection and prioritization, consequently saving valuable resources.

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Simple Onboarding

Simple Onboarding

Water leakages in the infrastructure are difficult to detect and locate. Water Alert uses readily available data from SCADA systems and IoT to predict normal water flow using machine learning.



Utilizing data is a vital and cost effective when dealing with aging infrastructure. Gemini Water Alert is a significant step towards a more digitized water industry.



Get alarms warning of abnormal water flow and reduce costs by detecting leaks quickly.

"The solution turned out to be far better than what we dared to hope for. Now we use Water Alert at our morning meetings to prioritise our daily work

Odd-Petter Habbestad Head of department, Bømlo V&A

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Gemini Water Alert provides users with an overview of sensors from SCADA systems and IoT. It utilizes machine learning to predict expected water flow. By recognizing abnormal flow behavior, water leaks in the network can be detected early and users can be notified by alarms.

When dealing with aging infrastructure, making smart decisions in prioritizing resources for maintenance, repairs and renewal becomes very important. Gemini Water alert allows for smarter, and data driven decisions. This way water service suppliers can focus on what is most important – safe delivery of our most important natural resource.

  • E-mail and SMS alarms based on user defined thresholds and machine learning.

  • Prediction of normal water flow within zones. Machine learning takes fluctuation due to weekdays, holidays, and changes in consumption patterns into account.

  • Administrative tools for managing all sensor types.

  • An overview enabling prioritization, smart resource management and an increased knowledge of the pipe network.
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