Gemini Water Analysis

Gemini Water Analysis provides you with direct access to hydraulic models and simplifies the maintenance of these models

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Time and Cost Savings

Time and Cost Savings

Contributes to time and cost savings in the establishment and maintenance of hydraulic models. Provides a more reliable basis for decision-making in action planning and network optimisation.

Hydraulic Calculations

Hydraulic Calculations

Direct access to hydraulic calculations and seamless integration with the NIS system provides access to vital information about the asset network.

Efficient Analysis

Efficient Analysis

Reduces the need for separate modelling software and enables faster and more efficient analysis of hydraulic conditions.

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Planning of asset network and optimisation through hydraulic calculations - all in one interface.

Gemini Water Analysis enables more efficient planning of the asset network and contributes to a more reliable basis for action planning and network optimisation. Integration with Gemini VA and the hydraulic model ensures better data quality in both Gemini VA and the hydraulic model. It reduces the need for external consulting services, resulting in cost savings and more efficient water and wastewater management.

  • Hydraulic calculations for water distribution networks in a single and user-friendly interface – calculations are run directly in Gemini Water Analysis thanks to our partnership with DHI.

  • The ability to use hydraulic calculations for planning and optimising changes in the asset network by conducting analyses and calculations.

  • Modelling of firewater/sprinkler system capacity to assess the capacity of fire valves.

  • Simulating hydraulic consequences provides insight into potential challenges and the ability to model the impact of changes.

  • Synchronisation of the hydraulic model with Gemini VA's data ensures consistency and updated information.

  • Significantly easier access to hydraulic calculations compared to the current use of modelling software without integration with the pipeline mapping system.
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