Gemini SurfaceMaker

The module contains functionality for editing large point clouds (las, laz, pts and xyz). It also supports import of raw data from Leica MS50 / 60.

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Import and editing

Import and editing

The module supports import and editing of the most common formats on the market.

Terrain models and triangulation

Terrain models and triangulation

Use the point cloud directly in your calculations and models, or create complete terrain models quickly and easily using dedicated triangulation functions.

Documentation and controls

Documentation and controls

Make the point clouds more reliable for easier coordination with the customer.


SurfaceMaker is an add-on module for Gemini Terrain+, a powerful tool for handling point clouds and terrain models.

The module contains functionality for editing large point clouds (las, laz, pts and xyz), from scanner or drone, as well as enables advanced editing of terrain models. The module also makes it possible to reduce large point clouds to a more manageable size.

Point clouds can be triangulated and geometric control can be performed for documentation. It is worth noting that the module also supports triangulation of point clouds with overhangs, such as rock walls, tunnels, niches and structures. SurfaceMaker combined with the Tunnel option provides a powerful tool for both designers and end-users. 

Create reports, statistics, and metadata based on the point cloud to substantiate the accuracy of volumes and results between theoretical and "as built" models.

The SurfaceMaker module offers:

  • Fill gaps in triangle mesh
  • Combine triangle grids - find the highest and lowest levels
  • Cutting between triangle meshes - calculating intersection lines, splitting triangle mesh
  • Support for handling large point clouds
  • Support for RGB values, intensity, and classification filter
  • Manipulate the point cloud with rough debugging, spot density and noise reduction
  • Select parts of the point cloud for detailed editing of unwanted points
  • Edit the point cloud along a tunnel, road, or VA line
  • Geometric control for documentation

Annual fee: 15.400,- NOK (Single-user)

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