Gemini TrenchWorks - Module

WS and Trench streamlines work with trench intervention, volume calculation and documentation. With this module, dynamic models and quantity calculations are built automatically from the properties of pipes.

Image of an excavator in the filed to represent WS and Trench - Module
Dynamic models

Dynamic models

Dynamic models and quantity calculations are automatically calculated based on the properties of pipes and sumps.



The quantities are automatically updated when the model changes.

Mass calculation

Mass calculation

Various methods for refilling and visually clear calculations provide good control of the quantities.


Do you work with water and wastewater projects where you have to model, quantify and document your work? With the help of the VA module, you can efficiently create visual models and takeoffs based on the properties of the pipeline documents. You simply get a design tool where you can design wells and pipes and visualize these in other tools by exporting to open formats.

In the event of any revisions or additional work, you can quickly benefit from your dynamic model. Enter your changed parameters for pipe type, backfill, shaft walls and more and all quantities are automatically recalculated and with the push of a button you will see how your model changes.

You can also produce stakeout data for sewer shafts. Adjustment of the shafts is automatic when there is a need to move and is calculated at the touch of a button. Insert 3D lines directly into the terrain model with the desired offset values. The method provides an accurate 3D model, as well as stakeout data for all wells and pipes. The projected model can be delivered in IFC, SOSI, DXF, and several more.

When your excavation model is ready, you can export and import to your excavation system. The finished model can be exported and visualized in other tools.

Annual fee: 10.400,- NOK (Single-user)

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