Volue Smart Power: Automated Production Planning and Trading

Automation and asset optimisation are key to capture the value of your assets in the power markets. By automating and optimising the production planning and trading process, Volue’s new Smart Power software suite contributes to increased revenues.

Volue Smart Power

With more weather dependent market fluctuations, price volatility and changes in the European market design, power production planning and trading becomes more challenging. Volue Smart Power optimises your assets and connects them with the markets, resulting in increased efficiency and maximised profits.

Maximise profits

Maximise profits

Optimise the use of hydro, thermal, wind, solar and batteries to maximise profits and provide decision making support for trading processes.

Monetise assets

Monetise assets

Integrated production planning and trading processes allows participation in all physical power markets: day-ahead, balancing markets and intraday markets.

Automate processes

Automate processes

Enable event-driven automated processes to stay ahead of the curve.

Multi asset optimisation to maximise profits

Volue Smart Power's optimisation models for production planning and bidding handle large multi-asset portfolios, using advanced mathematical optimisation methods and algorithms to ensure calculation times are low. They allow for a detailed modelling of all asset types and can take into account highly complex constraints and restrictions.

Connect assets to markets

Volue's trading solutions integrate seamlessly with the Smart Power software suite and connect your assets to the relevant European physical markets. This supports the bidding process, ensures compliance and lets you apply advanced trading strategies in short-term markets. Trades can be executed quickly, effectively and automatically.

Volue Smart Power - The Energy Value Chain

Smart Power optimises and connects multi asset portfolios to physical markets.

Automate processes to free up time

The Volue Automation Framework enables event-driven automation of business processes for production planning and trading. This contributes to increased profitability of your production assets and frees up time to consider market opportunities. The Automation Framework allows for flexible process configuration based on event or time triggers for execution, and build-up of processes for automation based on execution of tasks such as optimisations, calculations, imports or exports. The process modelling is based on the BPMN 2.0 standard which enables efficient configuration and maintenance of processes.

Volue Smart Power - Automated Processes

The Volue Automation Framework enables event-driven automation.

Flexible and scalable data and time series management system

Volue Mesh is based on an open and flexible object-based data model. In Mesh, you can model the objects that are relevant to your portfolio with their attributes, time series and links to other objects. Data modelling with Mesh gives context to data; making it available, maintainable and accessible. Mesh is delivered with APIs allowing users to integrate and build solutions on data in Mesh.


Data management - Mesh

Mesh as a data management solution gives context to data and is the foundation for the Volue Smart Power solutions. It is designed to offer an open, flexible and maintainable data managent solution. 

Operative user interface – Nimbus

Nimbus is the operative user interface for the production planning process, and is used to view, analyse and edit data and to run optimisations and simulations of your power plants.

Process automation – Automation Framework

Volue Automation Framework enables event-driven automation of business processes for production planning and trading.

Inflow forecasting

Forecast inflow to reservoirs and power plants. With Inflow, you control your water resources, plan the power production more accurately, and maximise revenues.

Optimisation of hydro, thermal, batteries and renewables

Optimisation modules for production planning and bidding with support for hydro, thermal, batteries and renewables.

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Marco Boninella, Head of Sales

Marco Boninella, Head of Sales