A driving force for successful automated energy trading

As a trailblazer in automated short-term energy trading of power and gas, we develop innovative algo-trading solutions and quantitative trading strategies for spot markets to enhance your business performance. In order to achieve this, we combine market intelligence with information technology, and years of energy trading experience with solid capital market expertise.

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Trading Solutions

Our high-performance solutions for automated, short-term energy trading are always one step ahead of the market. This makes it all the more important for us to be close to our customers. It is the only way we can adapt trading and portfolio optimization strategies and our innovative SaaS solutions to individual customer requirements and market situations – with the goal of continuously generating maximum returns for our customers.


Volue Algo Trader Power

The intraday power market is highly volatile, characterized by ever-increasing turnover, and is steadily becoming faster and more complex. This is precisely where our strength lies! As the first independent software vendor (ISV) on EPEX SPOT, Volue has developed an algo-trader for the intraday market: the Volue Algo Trader Power.

Volue Algo Trader Gas

We were one of the first software providers (ISV) to develop an automated execution solution for the EEX natural gas spot market: the Volue Algo Trader Gas. We offer it as a SaaS solution with a web front-end that is provided in the cloud (Amazon Web Services).

Volue Algo Trader Navigator - Trading Auto Pilot

The importance of data for trading in automated trading on spot markets is rapidly growing. In response, we have developed the Volue Algo Trader Navigator, a decision-making trading platform with multifunctional rule engine. It relieves traders in the marketing of RES & flexibilities by combining external market data and price forecasts with internal asset-relevant information and automatically deriving trades based on it.

Ancitra – Automated bidding support for participation in the balancing markets

Ancitra provides automated bidding support for participation in the balancing markets. The solution covers the balancing capacity markets and the energy activation markets, and has a direct interface with the TSOs to send bids and process results. Ancitra supports the European market design as introduced through the EU harmonisation platforms of MARI and PICASSO and is provided as Software as a Service (SaaS).

Nordic Balance Settlement

Settlement helps players in the power sector with compiling obligations, calculating and verifying the imbalance in the power market. The solution provides a better overview and saves time in the event of changes.


Software for scheduling and short-term position management for power and gas. Our market-leading solution, DeltaXE, is in a class of its own when it comes to speed and flexibility.

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Photo 1525119488448 d549af0dc221

Trading Advisory

Trading advisory aims at increasing the profitability of the customer portfolio in a measureable way. Our trading optimisations are used in the direct marketing of renewable energies, the management of fluctuating consumption portfolios and the maximisation of earnings from flexible generation. They can also be implemented as proprietary trading strategies


Trading strategies and Portfolio Optimisation

As experienced experts in the energy market, we have developed a comprehensive understanding of the functioning and dynamics of the markets. With this knowledge, we support energy trading companies in optimising their power generation and procurement portfolios in the short-term sector.

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