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Navigating your challenges

In an era where industrial electrification is rapidly expanding, the demand for renewable energy sources is on the rise. The Nordic region, experiencing robust growth in wind power generation, presents unique opportunities and challenges for wind park operators and owners.

As a wind power stakeholder, you face complex operational scenarios, including intermittent production and volatile market prices. Securing future revenues, optimising partial Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), and managing fluctuating market dynamics require a sophisticated approach. We help you navigate these challenges by offering a comprensive suite of services tailored to your needs, including 24/7 monitoring and control, BRP (balance responsible party), market access and trading services.

Why partner with Volue?

A proven market leader

A proven market leader

As a recognised leader in the energy market, we bring unmatched expertise and a comprehensive suite of services to your wind power operations.

End-to-end offering

End-to-end offering

From commercial operations to technical services, we provide an integrated approach to managing your wind energy assets.

Cross-market agility

Cross-market agility

We enable wind power producers to grasp the revenue opportunities on the flexibility markets.

Services tailored to the needs of wind farm operators

Expert forecasting and market access

Utilising our deep market insights and advanced forecasting tools, we enable you to navigate and benefit from day-ahead and intraday markets, reducing imbalance costs and maximising revenue opportunities.

24/7 monitoring and control

Our state-of-the-art SCADA systems provide around-the-clock monitoring, ensuring optimal performance and immediate response to market changes. 

Dynamic trading services

Engage actively in ancillary markets and GoO trading by leveraging our comprehensive trading services to capture every available revenue opportunity.

Customised support and reporting

We offer a range of services from balance settlement to energy and financial reporting, tailored to your unique operational needs. 

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On-demand webinar: Maximising wind farm revenues

Watch our insightful webinar designed to empower wind farm operators with the knowledge and tools necessary to optimise revenue streams. Delve into a comprehensive overview that spans the entire asset optimisation process, from real-time monitoring and control to navigating regulation and capacity markets.

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Jari Mäkitalo, Sales Manager

Jari Mäkitalo, Sales Manager