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Navigating the power market is a complex exercise. Through cutting edge technology, machine learning, algorithms and our highly competent team, our solutions optimize your assets and reduce risk in the financial and physical power market. Being an independent and transparent partner, we bring the market value back to you.

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Photo 1492931307820 62fa5a68e0df

Physical Power Trading as a Service

We optimise your asset value throughout the entire value chain from forecasting, production planning and optimisation of your trades in the power markets. Our solutions reduce your balancing cost and provide data insight and reports.


Day Ahead

We provide access to nordpool and manage your day a head nomination of spot bid, weekly spot reporting and invoicing.

Consumption Forecasting

We reduce your balancing-cost using advanced fundamental data in combination with historical data to forecast your consumption

Production Optimisation

We enhance your profit by optimising your production in the multimarket, taking physical constraints and fundamental data into the equation.

Reserve Market

Optimising your asset in the TSO reserve market by providing market access and constantly monitoring the opportunities 24/7.

Power Control as a Service

We take remote control of your physical assets, monitor your power market deliveries and manage your physical regulations – all day, every day.

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Photo 1525231012935 c8ce899cf47b

Risk Management as a Service

We monitor the market price development to manage the best options for our customer's portfolios, based on the hedging and risk strategy. Customers can allocate mandates to us or give orders to execute. We always act on our customers' best interests and benefits. No interest conflicts, no hidden add-ons.


Trading Strategies as a Service

Our market access, market knowledge and trading strategies in the Intraday market allows you to handle your risk mandate.

Mandate Trading as a Service

With our expertise we are able to trade out your positions within mandates set by you as a customer. We also offer capital management as a service.

Trading by Order

In collaboration with our customers, we execute trading orders within their limits and flexibility. Trade notes are delivered immediately after execution in order to secure transparency.

Market Services - Advisory
Market Services - Advisory


With 30 years’ experience in Nordic market, we have deep knowledge in market development and structure within Nordic but also in the European market. Our experts advise customers to create new business opportunities by scenario analysis, market outlook, establish new products, expansion to new markets, and more.

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Photo 1413882353314 73389f63b6fd

Green Operations

Together with our customers we develop sustainable production and consumption by offering handling of el-certificates, EECS certificates, emissions and guarantee of origin. We also deliver physical green power.

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Let us demonstrate how you and your business will benefit from choosing Volue as your trusted partner.

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Let us demonstrate how you and your business will benefit from choosing Volue as your trusted partner.

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Intraday Access: The Algo-Trading Service That Makes the Intraday Market Accessible to All

Intraday Access is a 100% transparent algo-trading service that opens up the intraday market to players who don’t have the tools or capacity to trade 24/7.

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Løvenskiold-Fossum: Volue Has Made Us Future-Proof and More Profitable

Volue Market Services helps Norwegian hydropower producer Løvenskiold-Fossum optimise their power production and has made the company more profitable in 2020.

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