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Volue is committed to providing all shareholders and potential investors with relevant financial information consistently and transparently. The company emphasises the importance and value of maintaining good relationships with shareholders through financial reports, press releases and presentations.

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Daniel Vårdal Haugland
+47 480 16 175
(+47) 915 75 660

(+47) 484 03 123
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Thomas Dowling Næss

(+47) 950 94 512

Corporate Governance

The company will comply with the Norwegian Code of Practice for Corporate Governance, last revised on 14th October 2021, available at the Norwegian Corporate Governance Committee's website.
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Financial Calendar

Quarterly Report – Q4 - 09 Feb 2024 - Click link to sign up for presentation

Q4 Roadshow, Oslo, Arctic Securities - 09 Feb 2024

Q4 Roadshow, Frankfurt, Pareto Securities - 12 Feb 2024

Q4 Roadshow, Paris, Bryan Garnier & Co - 13 Feb 2024

Energy Conference, London, ABGSC - 14 Mar 2024

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Jacob Zeno Clausen Krøvel, Head of Investor Relations

Jacob Zeno Clausen Krøvel, Head of Investor Relations