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Webinar: Optimise Gas Market Operations Through Algorithmic Trading

Gas Power Plant




Starts 24 January

At 09.00 (CET)

Ends 24 January

At 10.00 (CET)





In today's rapidly evolving energy markets, the key to success lies in precision and adaptability. Embracing algorithmic trading is not just a choice but a necessity in this landscape. Join our webinar to delve into the transformative impact of algorithmic trading on gas markets, unlocking opportunities for operational efficiency, enhanced risk management, and overall market optimisation. This session aims to equip you with valuable insights to refine your gas trading strategies for the evolving landscape of 2024 and beyond. 


What’s in store for the gas markets in 2024? 

Bjørn Inge Vik, Senior Analyst, Insight by Volue 

Explore the intricate landscape of gas markets in the coming year with Bjørn Inge Vik. Gain valuable insights into market trends, emerging factors, and potential challenges that will shape your strategic decisions in 2024. An essential session for anyone looking to stay ahead in the dynamic world of gas trading. 

How algorithmic trading can benefit you as a gas trader or a power producer 

Martin Teci, Head of Product, Volue Trading Solutions 

Delve into the heart of algorithmic trading with Martin Teci, Head of Product at Volue Trading Solutions. Uncover the specific advantages that algorithmic trading brings to both gas traders and gas storage owners. From enhanced decision-making and execution capabilities to optimised risk management, discover how this innovative approach can maximise your revenues and transform your trading strategies.  

Live demonstration: Volue Algo Trader Gas in action 

Witness the power of Volue Algo Trader Gas through a live demonstration. See firsthand how our enhanced solution seamlessly integrates into your workflow, providing actionable insights and enhancing your trading strategies. An interactive session that brings the theory of algorithmic trading to life.