Volue Algo Trader Gas

For Public Utilities & Trading Companies engaged in gas trading, our gas algo solution enables you to fully and reliably automate trading in the gas markets. Seamlessly integrating advanced algorithmic tools with API connectivity, it is tailored to empower organisations to automate processes and extract additional value from their existing flexible assets.

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Empowering Gas Trading Excellence

Volue Algo Trader Gas is a SaaS solution designed to empower you with seamless and reliable automation in the competitive gas markets. Say goodbye to manual trading and hello to advanced execution strategies and analysis tools that harness the expertise of seasoned specialists with extensive market experience. With our gas algo trader, you'll gain an advantage in the world of gas trading.

Volue Algo Trader Gas is developed by our team of experts from the energy trading and capital markets. The know-how of our team covers quantitative analysis of the markets and generating trading ideas, to IT implementation and operation.

Market & Data Access

Market & Data Access

24/7 connectivity via Trayport Joule API to EEX & OTC-Markets ensures that you are always plugged into the market, ready to capitalise on emerging opportunities. Our solution also ensures that you have the historical data you need for in-depth analysis and informed trading decisions.

Plug-and-Play Simplicity in the Cloud

Plug-and-Play Simplicity in the Cloud

Volue Algo Trader Gas operates as a Software as a Service (SaaS) deployed in the cloud, allowing you to start trading in production without the hassle of installation. Save time and resources and quickly gain operational efficiency in gas trading.

Customizable strategies

Customizable strategies

Customise your trading approach with parameterisable execution strategies. Whether it's deploying Smart Iceberg or Smart Spread strategies, the Volue Algo Trader Gas empowers you to trade with precision and flexibility.

Key Functionality

  • Advanced process automation, allowing your team to focus on strategic initiatives while our Gas Algo Solution takes care of routine tasks with precision and reliability in the context of gas trading

  • Flexibility utilization to monitor market conditions on defined opportunistic parameters and execute the orders with minimal latency

  • Harness the untapped potential of your flexible assets for strategic gas trading. Our solution empowers you to extract maximum value from your existing resources, ensuring a competitive edge in a dynamic market

  • Time and location spread trading to help traders trade their flexibility via constant monitoring of market spreads

  • Customer-specific strategies for algorithmic trading using the API and parameterisable strategies

    Elevate your profit margins directly on each megawatt-hour (MWh) with our sophisticated algorithmic solution, meticulously designed for the energy trading landscape.

  • Algo futures trading on OTC venues and forward/futures markets

  • Market access and data archive for collecting and storing order books and trade history for specified market areas

  • Continuous development with updates seamlessly included. With the latest features and enhancements always available, you can ensure that your trading strategies remain cutting-edge.

  • If you run into issues, Volue's own experts and developers are ready to help. Our team is committed to ensuring your success, providing assistance whenever you need it

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We have recently revamped our Algo Trader to make it even easier to reap the benefits of algorithmic gas trading. Our improved solution is now in a soft launch phase. We offer demos and access for selected clients. If you are interested in our new and improved service get in touch with us for more information.

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Arman Mohii, Solution Sales Expert