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We provide accurate and thorough fundamental and price forecasts for participants in the energy markets. Whether you're looking at intraday, day ahead, or more long term, we have products that suit your needs with our Pan-European models.

19 06 gas outlook original ISN6 CCR
19 06 gas outlook original ISN6 CCR

New for 2023: Insight Gas Analysis

We have launched our our new Gas Market Insights for the European area. All market participants are welcome for a free trial to test the service, click below for more details:


European Gas Market Insights

Our new Gas Market Insights provides a broad coverage of European gas fundamentals and prices, including forecasts. To try out our latest service, click the button below to open up trial access for three weeks.

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Photo 1510595256055 e44b27efe497 crop

Pan-European Power Forecasts and Analysis

For those looking at the short end of the curve, Insight can provide weather, price, and key fundamental forecasts.


Short Term Price & Fundamental Forecasts

With the increase of wind and solar, it is vital to see how renewable energy generation will change at the short end of the curve. Get a complete overview of your price area of interest and the potential impact of adjoining power markets. Our pan-European short-term model for weather-driven fundamental data, power flows, and prices.

Intraday Fundamentals & UMMs

With wind and solar availability changing frequently, it pays to have the latest weather information available, with forecasts on how much energy will be generated updated the same day as delivery. Insight provides fundamental forecasts for intraday traders, based on several weather models, each with 15 minute frequency. Stay up-to-date with outages throughout Europe, and receive live data through our API service.

Central European Imbalance Markets

We provide thorough analysis of the Central European power markets from our partner's at Enexory. This includes extensive coverage of physical imbalances, including quarter-hourly prices for balancing energy, an overview of the day- and week-ahead bids, and more.

See How Insight Can Work for You

Try Insight's data forecasts and fundamentals with a commitment free trial. Click below to gain access to the Insight portal, and see how it can help you with your energy decision making.

Market Consulting
Market Consulting

Long Term Market Analysis

Asset owners, investors, and power market participants need to be prepared for the coming years. It's essential to understand structural changes in power generation, transmission and consumption per country, crucial policy and insights on EU-targets and emerging technologies. We provide quarterly updated Long Term Power outlooks, covering up to 2050.


Nordic and Central European Reports

Our Nordic and Central European reports cover how market prices, industrial development, and policy is driving changes within the power market. The reports are necessary as a supporting documents for investments, and are used by power producers and consumers to prepare for the energy transition expected over the next 30 years

Capture Analysis

We provide an analysis package for solar and wind investors, power purchase agreement (PPA) counterparties, originators, marketers, and banks that finance renewables. The service consists of actuals and forecasts of generic capture prices, profile deltas, baseload power price and production (generation) curves for solar and wind present in the Insight portal, and via our API service.

Learn More About the Future of Energy

Get in touch with us below, and find out how our long term reports and data can help with your energy and investment decision making.

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Japanese Short Term Power Analysis

Our forecasts for the short-term markets are now available for the Japanese Power markets. Our weather-driven fundamental data, power flows, and prices can now be accessed for all bidding areas within Japan.


Weather Driven Fundamentals

It is now possible to receive fundamental actuals and forecasts for the individual price zones within the Japanese power market. The portal and API contains the following information: Weather-driven fundamentals models that cover the short-term horizon at a 30-minute resolution, Spot price actuals (day ahead, imbalance, and futures), power plant availability and operational status, and LNG futures.For our Japanese language site, please click below:

Access our Japan Data Portal

Try Insight's Japan forecast with a commitment free trial. Click below to gain access to the Insight portal, and see how it can help you with your energy decision making.

I 5 adam jang 218107 unsplash
I 5 adam jang 218107 unsplash

Fuel Market Analysis

In cooperation with our partners, we provide coal and gas analysis through the Insight portal. This includes fundamentals, price forecasts and data for your area for interest on the European market.


Coal and Freight

In cooperation with Perret Associates, we offer a comprehensive fundamental coal and freight market analysis. Accessed within the Insight portal, you can find data monitoring and price forecasts for the whole curve.Perret Associates is a London-based consultancy, specialized in coal, freight, iron ore and steel. It produces market analysis and forecasts as well as a wide range of consultancies in risk management, business development and strategy for international companies, eager to develop their trading activities.

Access the Data Through Portal or API

Get access to market data, climate data and historical data. All data is available not only as forecasts and but also as historical series, and can be accessed either through our portal or via the Volue API. Our API offers all relevant curves for your daily operations from short to long term markets and has become an industry standard.

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