Intraday Access: The Algo-Trading Service That Makes the Intraday Market Accessible to All

Intraday Access is a 100% transparent algo-trading service that opens up the intraday market to players who don’t have the tools or capacity to trade 24/7.


May 6, 2021

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  • We trade on your behalf at no cost to you.

  • We use Volue’s best-in-class tools and strategies to manage risk and optimise profit.

  • We beat the volume weighted average price in the intraday market by 1EUR/ MWh during the pilot. ​

  • We split the gains in a transparent manner.

Who is Intraday Access for?

Take advantage of the intraday market and stay in balance

This service is for power producers or industrial consumers & suppliers who want to reduce their imbalance cost by trading on the intraday market.

Optimise the profit from your portfolio

Rather than sell your portfolio for a fixed price, you relish the opportunity to optimise the profit by having someone trade on your behalf 24/7.

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During our pilot programme, we consistently beat the volume weighted average price in the intraday market by 1EUR/MWh. That's a really good number.

Adnan El-Matari Head of 24/7 Trading Desk at Market Services by Volue

Why trade on the intraday market?

More and more companies trade after the closing of the day-ahead market to stay in balance.

We know too well that the imbalance cost can be substantial, and with a dramatic change in the imbalance fee looming, this is a cost many are keen to reduce.

The more wind and solar we add to the energy mix, the more volatility we will see in the market. The more cables we build across Europe, the more we will be impacted by market trends elsewhere.

The more we transition to renewable energy, the more challenging it will be to stay in balance.

Why an algo-trading service?

Algo-trading is especially helpful in managing risk. We work with pre-defined trading strategies for every situation with well-designed algorithms that never exceed the risk mandate.

We can assign a different strategy to every hour of trading and choose how aggressive we want to be.

The algo-trader is connected to the market in real-time and the trades happen instantly. The algorithms will always get the best price.

  • Intraday Access makes the intraday market accessible to all.
  • We bring the value of your portfolio back to you.

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