Arnt Sollie Returns to Volue as Senior Vice President and Head of Insight

Arnt Sollie steps down as CEO of Ren Røros and returns to key role in Volue.

Arnt Sollie portrett

"We are thrilled to welcome Arnt back, this time as Senior Vice President and head of Insight by Volue. Insight is one of Volue’s key growth engines, and Arnt will complement a highly competent and successful team with his high energy and entrepreneurial spirit,” says Colm McCarthy, Chief Product Officer at Volue.

Sollie brings many years of experience from the IT and energy sectors. He was a member of the Board of Directors of the former Markedskraft and Wattsight, two of the companies that were a part of the 2020 merger that resulted in Volue.

Sollie started his career at Capgemini, working with IT development and project management primarily related to aerospace, telecommunication and energy. After ten years in Capgemini, he started as a key account manager in Powel, now part of Volue. Sollie was responsible for the Smart Energy business segment, delivering solutions and services to hydropower producers – a position he held for thirteen years.

Sollie was also responsible for the international expansion of Powel’s energy solution, and he was instrumental in developing a European market position.

In 2018, Sollie was appointed CEO of the utility Ren Røros. Within two years, Ren Røros won the award for the most innovative small and medium-sized utility in Norway, and in 2022 Ren Røros led the Norwegian energy industry with the highest growing financial results.

Commenting on his return to Volue, Sollie says: “I have been following Volue closely and I am impressed by the journey. The merger of the former Powel, Markedskraft, Wattsight, and Scanmatic was a strategically smart move, leveraging the capacity and knowledge base of the company. Later, several acquisitions have strengthened the portfolio and market position further.”

“I have missed the engagement, speed, and curiosity of how to address new market needs, and high-quality discussions with skilled colleagues concerning these matters,” says Sollie.

Arnt Sollie assumed the position 9 January.