Volue’s Camilla Thorrud Larsen Wins “Power Woman of the Year“ Award

The award celebrates the remarkable achievements of women working in renewable energy in Norway.

Camilla Power Woman Year Award

Camilla Thorrud Larsen, SVP for Volue’s Energy Solutions, is "Power Woman of the Year" (Årets Kraftkvinne) for 2021.

The award is an initiative by Kraftkvinnene, an organisation that works to attract more women to the renewable energy industry. The prize was presented by Marte Mjøs Persen, Norway’s Energy Minister this evening.

“I am thrilled to be recognised by Kraftkvinnene. The very existence of the Kraftkvinnene network and the award show that we have many exceptional women working in the renewable energy industry in Norway. I hope that through this award I can convince even more women to join the industry,” says Camilla Thorrud Larsen.

“The energy transition requires innovation and new thinking. With a growing share of renewables, power production planning and trading have become very challenging. To tackle the challenges, we need to recruit diverse talent into the industry, including getting more women in the room. At Volue, we work towards establishing a 30 per cent gender balance on all levels of the organisation.”

“Through her knowledge of the development of detailed calculation systems and models, Camilla ensures efficient, safe and profitable power production and operation,” said the jury in a statement.

“She has published research articles on renewable energy and in particular about developing methods for combining the production of hydropower and wind power in long-term models. Her work is based on Norwegian hydropower expertise and, at the same time, takes into account the challenges of intermittent renewable power production,” the jury writes."

“Camilla combines deep technical insight with an understanding of commercial processes. She has also shown, through innovation, that large European utilities such as Enel can optimise the operation of their hydropower plants in the same portfolio as wind, solar and gas.”

“She is a role model in strongly male-dominated environments both inside and outside Volue. She inspires women to see that it is possible to make a career in power and shows the future range of disciplines and needs in the power industry,” concludes the jury.

There were 48 outstanding candidates nominated for the title “Årets Kraftkvinne“.

The award was presented for the first time last year.

Volue is a proud sponsor of the work of Kraftkvinnene.

About Camilla Thorrud Larsen

As SVP for Volue’s Energy Solutions, Camilla Thorrud Larsen leads Volue’s energy solutions portfolio. She is also part of Volue’s Product Leadership Team.

Previously, she was Head of Product Strategy at Volue.

Her education is in Mathematical Sciences and Electric Power Engineering from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

About Kraftkvinnene

Kraftkvinnene started as an informal group of women working in renewables and grew into an established organisation.

Every year, Kraftkvinnene organise the “Årets kraftskvinne” prize which is presented by the Minister of Energy in Norway.

Contact Kraftkvinnene and become a member.

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