Capture Price Analysis Improved and Expanded

More insight and more markets. Volue offers an improved and expanded Capture Price Analysis for its customers.

Power markets 2023 three trends

“We are adding more data and insight to the product, and we have also included Central West Europe and Iberia,” says Zaheer Ahamed, Market Analyst at Volue.

Capture Price curves comprise of an analysis package for solar and wind investors, power purchase agreement (PPA) counterparties, originators, marketers, and banks that finance renewables. The service consists of actuals and forecasts of generic capture prices, profile deltas, baseload power price and production curves for solar and wind present in the Insight portal, and via Volue’s API service.

Starting in March, a Capture Price Analysis offering replaces the former Capture Costs service.

23 03 Capture Costs

Our generic capture price analysis is used to compare how renewable generation sites stand out in a certain bidding zone or a country, allowing a company to compare several countries and technologies when choosing next investments. As well as this function, companies can compare efficiency of their site specific capture price analysis with the generic one.

The data visualisation, which shows capture prices, costs and generation of the technology using our 30 weather scenarios database, as well as base and low.

The regions covered by the capture price include the following:

23 01 Capture Cost Areas