Taking Volue to the Next Level: Colm McCarthy Is Appointed Chief Product Officer and Member of ELT

As Volue announces the appointment of Colm McCarthy as Chief Product Officer and member of the Executive Leadership Team, we talk to him about what lies ahead.

Colm Mc Carthy CPO

Volue is proud to announce the appointment of Colm McCarthy as Chief Product Officer and member of the Executive Leadership Team.

Colm McCarthy is currently Senior Vice President Portfolio Management at industrial software company AVEVA. He has worked with engineering software for more than 20 years.

Working globally in Europe, Scandinavia, Australia, and the US he has driven transformation and innovation, enabling industries such as Oil & Gas, Power, Mining and Chemicals to take advantage of technology and do things better, faster, and safer.

At AVEVA, Colm McCarthy is accountable for product management and for ensuring the company has a healthy P&L across its entire product portfolio.

He is excited to join Volue as Chief Product Officer and Member of the Executive Leadership Team.

“The growth plans for Volue are exciting and ambitious, and this calls for strong customer focus, solid prioritisation and decision-making to ensure an optimal and healthy product portfolio. My focus will be to ensure that our customers continue to extract value from the products and services Volue offers today and into the future thus ensuring the longevity of the organisation. This will enable Volue to get to the next level and to be successful as a global organisation.”

Colm McCarthy believes that at the core of a software company sits the product management organisation.

“Product management is at the centre of it all. It’s the product manager who has to understand the market dynamics, customer and competitive landscape, and what the customer truly requires, and then distil this through the strategic company lens – is this where the company wants to go and are these the problems the company wants to solve?”

Product management is at the centre of it all.

Colm McCarthy Volue

Colm McCarthy says that no organisation can sit still and no organisation should sit still.

“Change is a constant. Everything evolves. The key is to understand what change is coming next and how to prioritise to accommodate this change. With change, come opportunities to do things better and provide additional value to our customers.”

Colm McCarthy is excited about Volue’s green transition journey.

“Volue has sustainability in its DNA. The company started on this quest a long time ago, not necessarily knowing what the quest would bring. Volue has gathered a great deal of experience along the way and the essence of this lives in the people of the organisation. We don’t have to bring people on this journey, they are already on the journey.”

He believes that software organisations are what they are because of their people.

“There is no raw material. The raw material is the people. It’s about how the people understand the real-world challenge they are trying to solve and what they craft in their heads. This is where the magic comes from.”

Having worked globally for more than two decades, Colm McCarthy believes that the challenge is always to find the best way to utilise compute power to get the outcomes we want.

Colm McCarthy knows what he is talking about. He started his professional journey at the ground, effectively.

“One of the things I pride myself in is that my journey has taken me from hands-on engineering to leading industrial software portfolios. This evolution has helped me understand the benefits of software applications with respect to solving complex industry challenges.”

He looks forward to using his knowledge of managing software portfolios as well as leadership skills to make Volue successful and take it to the next level.