The Digitalisation of Water: Become a Consultant at Volue

The digitalisation of water aims to solve the industry’s big problems through automation and data. We talk to Anders Berdal, Head of Services & Support at Volue Infrastructure about how and why you might want to become a consultant at Volue.

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Anders Berdal’s team of consultants working on water digitalisation projects has been growing for some time. That’s because the implementation of competitive solutions that help water utilities supply clean water is an important task that, among other things, delivers on UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Now the team has a new and exciting reason to scale as more municipalities in Norway have signed to use one of Volue’s software solutions, Gemini Private, to handle water supply and wastewater management.

The solution is already used in close to one hundred Norwegian municipalities, among which those with the largest populations: Oslo, Trondheim, and Stavanger.

“With Gemini Private we already cover more than half of the Norwegian market. It’s a hot and highly sought-after solution,” says Anders Berdal.

As a frontrunner in the digitalisation of the water, wastewater, and stormwater networks, Volue’s Gemini suite gives an overview of the network, its condition and maintenance needs, enabling the municipalities to work more effectively.

Part of the Gemini suite, Gemini Private is a solutions portfolio for the digital documentation and follow-up of all types of private facilities and objects that are either connected to the municipality's water infrastructure or for which the municipality has administrative responsibility.

Volue works with local authorities, as well as the municipalities, as they have a vested interest in ensuring that all homes and businesses in their territory have installed the correct water solutions.

Gemini Private saves many office hours at the town hall. The system automates the analysis of faulty water supply and of the process of dealing with it.

Become a consultant at Volue

“The role of the consultant is crucial for us. It’s important to note that this is no longer all about installing software and working with the IT departments in municipalities. These days are almost over.”

Anders Berdal’s team now needs people who have experience in working with software platforms, ideally with municipalities, and who can help municipalities change the way they work with software.

“We need to maximise the effectiveness of our software. The traditional way was to provide mainly technical support. But in order to make our solution most effective, we need to spend many working hours with the municipalities that are implementing it. We need to train them and help them with data conversion and data quality.”

While IT and technical skills are important to work as a consultant at Volue, they are not the entire focus.

“We’re also interested in competence and experience in how to create change in the way people work. This is really about change management. We’re open to candidates who demonstrate ability and perseverance in change management.”

A sustainability mindset is also very important.

“Often, certain aspects of the private installations prevent water pollution. They stop, for example, wastewater from running into rivers and other natural water environments. By making sure that our solution works in the most optimal way, we contribute to better water quality in both freshwater and seawater.”

It’s important to note that this is no longer all about installing software and working with the IT departments in municipalities. These days are almost over.

Anders Berdal Head of Services & Support at Volue Infrastructure
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More about Gemini Private

Gemini Private is focused on the home and factory installations that are connected to the municipal network of waterworks.

The Gemini portfolio is made up of physically connected software, but with Gemini Private, private house- and business owners are responsible for the maintenance and for the decision to purchase and install the correct solutions for water purification, water metres for water bills, and more.

If a private owner has a problem with their water supply, they are responsible for fixing the issue. Gemini Private makes sure, via its digital connections, that the municipality sends a letter to inform private owners how to look after their water supply, and also provides a direct digital connection to the plumber that they will call.

In this way, the documentation of the repair work goes automatically to the municipality. The municipality keeps a record and confirms that the waterworks in the private home or business is working according to standards.

More about Anders Berdal

An Economics graduate, Anders Berdal has been working with Volue for almost seven years. For the last three years, he has headed the Service & Support business for Volue Infrastructure.

Prior to Volue, he worked for a software company that created Norway’s first solution to navigate and document waste collection in the waste management industry. Software and municipalities are Anders Berdal’s pillars of expertise.

Are you interested in working as a consultant at Volue? We are hiring.

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