Ensuring the Success of Volue’s Algorithmic Energy Trading Software Customers

Since the launch of our first algorithmic power trading software solution in 2014, Volue has been dedicated to revolutionising continuous spot trading for power and gas traders. We recently caught up with Riad Takriti, Trading Operations Specialist, to hear his thoughts on how Volue’s customer success team brings added value to customers.


Mar 11, 2024

Energy Trading Software

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Delivered as SaaS, Volue’s algo trading software is out of the box “plug-and-play", and functional and technical development, maintenance and operation constitute important elements of the offering. Another essential component is the Volue customer success team, which provides customers with guidance, support and consulting on the most effective use of the solution. 

The team of trading experts is based in Volue’s Munich office and serves customers across Europe. The customer success team is committed to ensuring a smooth onboarding to Volue’s algo energy trading products and guiding new customers towards their first trade. After the initial setup, the team is always available to assist in any questions regarding the software.  

“Although the default strategy configurations deliver excellent performance for most customers, fine-tuning them may become relevant as trading volumes grow. Our team has vast experience in understanding varying use cases and providing our view on the best approach for adjustments”, explains Riad Takriti, Trading Operations Specialist at Volue Customer Success.

Riad Takriti, Trading Operations Specialist

“Our customers appreciate the collaborative approach of our customer success team, and we often hear that it brings an edge to our software.”

Riad Takriti

Trading Operations Specialist

Enabling change

With customers varying from small utilities to large multinationals and professional traders, the customer success team has helped solve a diverse range of challenges. In particular, the team has been crucial for enabling change: 

“During the past years, as we know, energy markets across the board have been turbulent. Besides novel trading needs, incumbents have been required to adapt their trading operations. Customers have found our support valuable in operationalising the new trading approaches at the execution level”, says Riad Takriti. 

Volue’s customer success team also offers consulting services for reviewing use case specific trading contexts and providing insights on choosing optimal parameters for the market execution strategies. 

“Both small and larger customers utilise our consulting services to benefit from our expertise in broader questions concerning their trading setup”, says Takriti. “Our customers appreciate the collaborative approach of our customer success team, and we often hear that it brings an edge to our software. With a holistic team team dedicated to our algorithmic trading solutions, we can provide true expertise and genuinely create value through enabling our customers to find optimal ways to use our products.” 

Are you interested in automated algorithmic power or gas trading? The Volue Algo Trader Power and the new Volue Algo Trader Gas, both delivered as SaaS, are designed for reliable and intuitive trading experience on the European energy markets. 

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