Gemini Private: Keep Track of Home and Business Water Installations

With Gemini Private, the job of keeping track of the service connections and handling applications by private customers becomes much easier.

As a frontrunner in the digitalisation of the water, wastewater, and stormwater networks, Volue’s Gemini suite gives an overview of all water-related assets in a municipality, the condition the assets are in and maintenance needs. This enables municipalities to work more efficiently and deliver on their goals.

Part of the Gemini suite, Gemini Private is focused on water assets not owned by the municipality, but which have a huge impact on the performance of the overall system.

Gemini Private is a solutions portfolio for the digital documentation and follow-up of all types of private facilities and objects that are either connected to the municipality's water infrastructure or for which the municipality has administrative responsibility.

Today, Gemini Private is used in close to 100 Norwegian municipalities covering more than half of the Norwegian market. Among the municipalities that use this solution are those with the largest populations, such as Oslo, Trondheim, and Stavanger.

The system automates the analysis of faulty water supply and of the process of dealing with it.

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Local authorities and municipalities have a vested interest in ensuring that all homes and businesses in their territory have installed the correct water solutions. Gemini Private saves many office hours at the town hall.

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Advantages of Gemini Private

#1 A full overview of the water and wastewater network

Having a full overview of water and wastewater infrastructure linked to private properties is important. It enables users of Gemini Private to intervene quickly when an error message arrives and it makes it easier to see contexts that were previously difficult to access.

Gemini Private helps to get a complete overview reducing the time between when an application is submitted and when the water connection is activated.

The overview that Gemini Private gives me makes me much more efficient. Much of that information is automated and I have my own archive so I have a full overview of ongoing cases.

Operator Water Industry

#2 Better interaction between teams

A big advantage of Gemini Private is the seamless interaction between different departments. Gemini Private ensures that all information is always up to date, and the right people are notified. Team response time becomes much more efficient thanks to the seamless communication between departments.

#3 Support for field workers

Gemini Private supports workers in the field such as plumbers and contractors, enabling them to get a full overview of jobs that need to be done. They also have access to the status of ongoing and completed projects. As all information is in the portal and everything is fully automated, field workers can work more efficiently and save time.

The processing time has become much quicker for me. I don’t have to wait for things to be approved.

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More about Gemini Private

The Gemini portfolio is made up of physically connected software, but with Gemini Private, private house and business owners are responsible for the maintenance and for the decision to purchase and install the correct solutions for water purification, water metres, and more.

If a private owner has a problem with their water supply, they are responsible for fixing the issue. Gemini Private makes sure, via its digital connections, that the municipality sends a letter to inform private owners how to look after their water supply, and also provides a direct digital connection to the plumber that they will call.

In this way, the documentation of the repair work goes automatically to the municipality. The municipality keeps a record and confirms that the waterworks in the private home or business are functioning according to standards.

Integration of Gemini Private with Gemini Portal+

In 2022, Gemini Portal+ introduced a closer connection with Gemini Private making it possible to access delivery points and consumption locations – all necessary data about who is connected to the public water and wastewater networks.

Users of Gemini Portal+ can now get answers to questions such as: Is there any special equipment installed? Is the subscriber vulnerable? Are there ongoing cases on the property?


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Volue introduces Gemini Portal+

As the world changes, so do the Gemini products. With the new Gemini Portal+, water and wastewater companies have access to tools that make use of new digital options for even smarter management of water and wastewater infrastructure.

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