Internships at Volue: Find Out What It’s Like From Our Interns

What is the best part of being an intern at Volue and what would you work on? We ask our interns.

Volue interns 2023

Over the summer, Volue interns work on real-world problems across the energy and power grid domains. Here, they share their experience.

The best part of working at Volue as an intern was getting hands-on experience in the power market.

Ferdinand Lindal
Ferdinand Lindal

In Volue, you develop skills from day one. My colleagues never hesitated to answer my questions. I learned to analyse large amounts of data.

Nicolas Rosendal Bech

I gained valuable experience from a very innovative company. I used Python to create models for analysing historical spot prices and simulations.

Hanna Lofnes
Live prices power market forecast screen1

I felt that my work was appreciated and useful. The work improved my programming skills, especially with respect to how to process and structure big data packages.

Petter Lauvrak
Volue Algo Trading Navigator

Working with other students and having a friendly but dedicated work environment were the highlights of my internship. My programming skills have really picked up.

Sander Haugen

The people at Volue are nice and easy to talk to, the tasks are enjoyable and relevant to my studies, and, last but not least, the canteen serves great food!

Trym Ettestøl Osland
Volue Insight analysis forecasts data power market

I got to know the company and the employees, and, got a better overview of what work would be like after my studies.

Inger Kristine Melhus

The people at Volue are so inclusive. Many wanted to talk about future opportunities. It was amazing to see the amount of data and the possibilities it provides for analysis and forecasts.

Erlend Skinnemoen
Core flow based market coupling

At Volue, we were treated as equals. Our insight was as important as that of our mentors. I felt that I belonged in Volue and I could see that they believed in my knowledge.

Martine Grøttum Engen

Some of the best moments came when we finally made our code work. Some of the “magic” happened on Fridays, the perfect reward for our hard work. Participating in customer meetings was very valuable.

Floris Lutz

I appreciated the effort by Volue to organise a trip to Munich for us, the participation in a workation, and the meetings with the CEO Trond Straume and COO Ingeborg Gjærum.

Erlend Vabø
Interns CEO COO meeting

For me, the best part of working at Volue this summer was working with such amazing people and having the opportunity to learn from working on real-world problems.

Petter Ølberg

I looked forward to work and did not want to go home at the end of the day – a big thank you to my mentors and fellow summer interns for this. I can use all this knowledge later in my education and career.

Oscar Erik Ravik
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