Volue Introduces Fundamentals and Real-Time Forecasts for Japan

Volue is entering Japan with weather-driven fundamentals and real-time forecasts that support power professionals in managing operations and trading in a complex power market setting.


Sep 1, 2022

Volue, the leading data, forecasting and market analysis provider, has added to its offering fundamentals and real-time forecasts for Japan. Japan is the largest energy market that has been liberalised in recent years.

“With the deregulation of the Japanese power market, power professionals in Japan face new challenges. They need ways to forecast the volatile market and to understand the demand-supply balance,” says Loftur Thorarinsson, General Manager for Volue in Japan.

Over the past 10 years, Japan has increased the share of renewables in its energy mix, adding more volatility to the power system.

“The intermittency of renewable power and increased price volatility in the short-term markets make access to real-time, reliable and accurate supply and demand forecasts crucial,” says Loftur Thorarinsson.

Market participants in Japan will now be able to access weather-driven fundamentals data from the Insight data portal, including API access.

“We have in-depth data analysis and complex forecast models that are continually updated by our team of in-house analysts. We use quantitative analysis, AI, linear programming, software and IoT,” added Loftur. 

Volue offering for Japan

  • Weather-driven fundamentals models that cover the short-term horizon at a 30-minute resolution.
  • Spot price actuals (day ahead, imbalance, and futures).
  • Power plant availability and operational status.
  • LNG futures.
  • More functions are to be added in the coming months.

More about the Japanese power market

Japan used to have state-owned electricity companies that were responsible for both generation and distribution.

The country is now undergoing a process of deregulation of the power market based on the Nordic model.

As a result, the Japanese electric power companies (EPCOs) are now split into generation, transmission and trading organisations.

A key milestone for Japan was the liberalisation of retail consumer power markets in 2016. This is when the number of power market players shot up to approximately 600.

Electricity is traded on the country’s power exchange JPEX and futures on JPX (Tocom) and EEX. Some of the traders are EPCO traders and at the other end of the spectrum, there are the traders who have no assets.

About Volue Insight

Volue Insight is a leading data, forecasting and market analysis provider to the power market.

The team forecasts fundamentals and energy prices for the short, medium and long-term horizons. We offer pan-European market coverage and fundamentals and real-time forecasts for Japan.

Volue analysts see a staggering 1 800 000 000 daily calls to the Volue API. Weather-driven fundamentals and market forecasts are in equally high demand.

Volue has the full picture – from 15 minutes intraday forecasts to 30 years of investment analysis.

Operating out of offices in several locations in Europe and Japan the Volue Insight analyst team was established 20 years ago.

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