Towards Technical and Product Innovation: Jörg Lienhardt Joins Volue as Chief Technology Officer and Member of ELT

Volue announces the appointment of Jörg Lienhardt as Chief Technology Officer and member of the Executive Leadership Team.

Jorg Lienhardt CTO

Volue is proud to announce the appointment of Jörg Lienhardt as CTO and member of the Executive Leadership Team.

Jörg Lienhardt is currently Director of Engineering in the Transportation division of Thales, Germany.

Starting his career at SAP more than 20 years ago, Jörg Lienhardt has worked in software engineering, leading distributed teams, introducing agile development and working on SaaS products.

“Volue’s strategy fascinates me with its SaaS-based offering for sustainable energy solutions at the core. Through the digitalisation and automation of energy management processes, Volue contributes to the efficient and secure energy supply in a challenging geopolitical situation,” says Jörg Lienhardt.

He believes that the demanding current market and Volue’s ambitious growth plans require focusing on the right products as well as on “development done right”.

“Successful growth needs two key enablers to be aligned: offering the right products to meet market needs and providing products in an efficient way.”

People, teams and a culture of collaboration are the third and most important pillar for a software company.

“Skilled and engaged teams having fun at work create much better outcomes and progress, and can therefore also innovate more,” says Jörg Lienhardt.

In his new role, he will focus on creating a good collaboration culture, scalable architecture and ensuring the right technical environment to allow teams to work on core activities, reducing efforts on repetitive tasks.

“The better we become at this, the more we can work on technical and product innovation.”

Jörg Lienhardt started his career as a Software Developer and Architect. He has a degree in Computer Science and an executive MBA from ESSEC & Mannheim Business School.