Julia Weiss Joins Volue as Head of Marketing & Communications

We catch up with Julia Weiss in her first week at Volue and ask her about her passion for sustainability and what she plans to accomplish in her new role.

Julia Weiss

“I am excited to join an incredibly fast-growing company with a critical long-term vision,” says Julia Weiss who joined Volue as Head of Marketing & Communications at the beginning of May. “I am joining forces with highly talented peers and I feel both curious and respectful of our journey forward.”

Julia Weiss brings to the role 12 years of experience in the energy sector, including as Head of Marketing & Communications and Senior Vice President/Director at market intelligence company Rystad Energy. She also worked in the energy software business.

Her expertise and passion lie in scaling companies from small players to established international brands. In her previous roles, she has established and led marketing and communications teams, at the same time as being a central voice within leadership.

“Volue is a young company with incredible know-how. It’s a company in growth that is ready to be shaped to achieve its inspiring vision.”

Julia Weiss is impressed that Volue has, in a short time, become a recognised brand in the Nordics.

“Volue has so much potential both internationally and domestically. There are untapped markets waiting to be tapped,” she says.

Julia Weiss is thrilled to be part of this strategic journey that she expects to be filled with learning.

In her new role, she has set her sight on several goals she would like to accomplish. In particular, she sees big opportunities in synergising business lines and introducing initiatives to optimise those.

To communicate clearly this synergy and ongoing growth plans to the market is both challenging and rewarding – from customers to industries to the community at large.

Julia Weiss Head of Marketing & Communications, Volue

She is also keen to use her knowledge of the energy domain, as well as software, and combine it with commercial scaling efforts.

“I would like to inspire people and create paths to open and transparent dialogues within the organisation,” she says. "Marketing is about values and relationships. In this sense, we are all in marketing. For that, I like my team to be not only the gatekeeper but, more importantly, to inspire everyone to achieve our common values and objectives. We know, together we are stronger!"

Sustainability mindset

Sustainability is important to Julia Weiss and she will look for ways to apply this passion in her new role. To her, sustainability has many layers – in addition to the energy resource and environmental impact perspective, there’s also the economical, socio-cultural and efficiency perspective.

“Sustainability means to be always forward-looking. It also means to be always learning, working together, and creating something that is better than what we have today. And this is me in a nutshell. It is what I strive for and what I desire for our society.”

Digital transformation is another passion for Julia Weiss.

“Sustainability also means that we must work efficiently in the green transition. For me and my team, this means that I will focus on optimising communications lines and messages, as well as workflows, and deliver continuous insight and value to our customers, partners and our people.”

Working at the intersection of sustainability and technology, she is keen to see more people choose a career in this field.

“I encourage everyone to explore working in sustainability and technology. Diverse teams are stronger as we reflect and share perspectives that give a holistic, qualified view. Gender diversity is one aspect of this. We should reflect on ourselves, dare and accept challenges because out of the challenges opportunities arise.”

Julia Weiss’s educational background is in PR & Media Relations. Originally from Germany, she has also lived and worked in Australia, the US, the UK, and Norway.