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19 06 gas outlook original ISN6 CCR

Not long ago, predicting the price of gas was easy. Gas was always inexpensive and available. But in 2022, because of the Ukraine conflict, we saw record-high peaks followed by a steep fall in the beginning of 2023.

The price of gas and the price of power have become inseparable, and an immediate break-up seems highly unlikely. Thus, keeping track of the European gas market is more important than ever.

How will the market move? To find the right answer, we need to piece together a picture with many unknowns: Ukraine, the supply of gas from other markets, such as the US, Asia, the Middle East and Africa, and the influx of renewable energy sources. A possible economic upswing and subsequent increase in gas consumption in Asia could also have an impact.

23 03 Gas product 2

Comprising all of Volue competence on gas into one product, Gas Market Insight is an all-you-need report to make sense of the European market.

  • 2 year price forecasts
  • Consumption estimates per country
  • Supply and production for EU and Non-EU sources
  • Storage inventory, capacity, withdrawals and injections on national level and on individual storage site level
  • LNG send-out, capacity and inventory data
  • Cross border pipeline flows and firm technical capacity
  • Much more, all available through our API

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