Volue Modernises Its Gemini Terrain Package

Volue introduces synchronisation of data to its basic Gemini Terrain package and announces subscription-based model.

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Over the past 30+ years, the Gemini Terrain software has helped hundreds of construction businesses and road authorities take huge strides in infrastructure building in challenging environments.

Now, Gemini Terrain has taken a big step of its own. With so much focus on data and digitalisation in the construction industry, Gemini Terrain is getting upgraded in order to help you get more value out of your data.

We’ve bundled Gemini Terrain with data synchronization technology so that you can access instantly, manage and safeguard your valuable data.

Data drives your planning and decision-making process

The new Gemini Terrain+ makes it easy for people across the organisation to gain access to project data, collaborate and work efficiently.

The data synchronization functionality allows you to sync the data from your desktop application to the cloud (in addition to storing it locally). This makes it possible for multiple users to get instant access to project data, work simultaneously, and make decisions faster.

Through an online viewer, everyone in the organisation has access to all projects at all times. As work files are not stored on a single computer, everyone has an overview of active, planned and historical projects, and can share and access all models across locations.

In the age of data, your data is safe

Gemini Terrain+ keeps your data safe providing secure storage for your project data and models. In addition to locally stored data, your data lives in the cloud keeping your valuable business information secure 24/7. We follow cybersecurity best practices in line with Volue’s comprehensive cybersecurity roadmap.

With this upgrade, Gemini Terrain is ready to help your business on the path to digital transformation.

We are excited about the future and we look forward to helping you build even more infrastructure in the most efficient, secure and sustainable way with Gemini Terrain+.

Data has become extremely important for businesses and it can make or break a company. Keeping your data in the cloud means that it is both safe and easily accessible.

Magnus Tandberg Product Manager, Volue
Magnus Tanberg

Gemini Terrain becomes subscription-based software

In line with the digitalisation and best practices in the software industry, from 1 January 2022, we are switching to a subscription-based model.

Existing customers with existing licenses can remain on their old licenses.

Until the end of 2021, we offer both subscription and license models.

Benefits for existing customers

  • Increased new functionality in the basic package.

  • Option to backup your project data and securely store it in the cloud.

  • An unlimited number of users, internal and external, can access the data.

  • Project data and 3D models are available to the entire organisation via a browser.

  • Audit log and history of models and project data.

  • Documentation directly through NVDB Datafangst (Norway).

  • Add remote or custom map services (WMS, WMTS and WFS).

  • Access to Gemini Connected Teams App.