Stein Petter Agersborg: Volue’s Power Grid Software Will Accelerate the Electrification of Europe

As Volue adopts a new corporate model and moves towards a product-focused organisation, Stein Petter Agersborg is appointed Senior Vice President for Volue’s Power Grid portfolio. Find out what he hopes to achieve in his new role within Volue.


Jan 18, 2022

For more than 30 years, Volue’s Transmission and Distribution line of business (previously part of Powel) has been a market leader in the Nordics, delivering services and software systems to the power grid industry.

“Being a market leader in the Nordics gives us an edge. We have a lot of experience from the digitalisation of electrical distribution in addition to being at the forefront of the electrification of the transportation sector and roll-out of smart meters. We have the functionality European Distribution System Operators need to accelerate the green transition and the electrification of Europe,” says Stein Petter Agersborg.

For the past four years, Stein Petter Agersborg has been the Head of Product Strategy, Power Grid, at Volue. In his new role, he would like to see Volue’s Transmission and Distribution remain a market leader in the Nordics while, at the same time, becoming a pan-European supplier of power grid software.

“By getting a larger customer base in Europe, we will also build the muscle to enhance our products to support the Nordic as well as continental European DSOs and deliver even more efficiently on the most important KPIs for the sector – security of supply, efficiency, HSE, and customer satisfaction.”

An evaluation of the European market shows that there is a large, untapped market for Volue’s power grid software.

“There are a lot of exciting opportunities out there and it’s up to us to seize them.”

Volue’s Transmission and Distribution delivers network information systems and decision-support systems for documenting the power grid and for automating processes.

“Essentially, we support DSOs in operating the grid.”

The roots of Volue’s software are in digitally documenting the grid. That was the starting point for real-time analysis, planning and design of the grid network. Volue also offers solutions to connect new customers as well as an operations system for power grid operators to oversee and maintain the grid.

“These are proven solutions. We have continuously invested to keep them in peak shape. The unique combination of our IT competence with our domain expertise puts us in the position to create products that fit the needs of Europe.”

About Stein Petter Agersborg

Stein Petter Agersborg has a Master Degree in Experimental Physics from Norway’s leading technical university, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), specialising in Quantum Physics.

After graduating, he went into software development and has worked within the software business for more than 20 years. He has expert knowledge of the energy domain.