Rolv Seehuus Is the New Head of R&D at Volue Insight

Rolv Seehuus believes that his experience with high volume data processing and data science in Schibsted will contribute to the growth of Volue. Meet Volue Insight's new Head of R&D.

Rolv Seehuus

“I know ‘something’ about data platforms. I know ‘something’ about software engineering”.

This is certainly not a pose but a down-to-earth self-evaluation of an experienced software engineer who is at home with all areas of data and who wants to keep learning.

Rolv Seehuus has managed teams in the data and analytics domain for many years and is currently Director of Engineering at Schibsted.

When he joins Volue in January 2022, Rolv will lead the Insight R&D team that manages an established platform, facilitating model execution at scale, and enabling the expansion of the platform offerings.

Volue Insight is a leading provider of data and consulting services to the European energy market. Volue provides customers with the insight they need to better understand the European power market by forecasting fundamentals and prices for the short, medium and long-term horizon.

From an outsider to power, to a power insider

After 20 years serving the software engineering industry in various capacities, Rolv looks forward to learning about the power industry and its ethical drive and opportunity for a meaningful future.

His respect for Volue is based on the company’s drive to develop technology that realises Europe’s green transition.

“The phasing out of oil as the main carrier of energy in our society in favour of more volatile renewables, requires, among other things, an efficient market. Volue Insight has an important role to play in this future energy market.”

This brings motivation and purpose to his new job.

In Schibsted, Rolv headed up a department responsible for an in-house data management platform, handling and processing large volumes of data with nearly real-time delivery requirements in some value streams. He also supervised the training and development of Machine Learning models and application development used for targeted advertisement and recommendations, as well as evaluation of platform efficiencies.

Rolv believes that his experience with high volume data processing and data science in Schibsted will fit particularly well with the needs of Volue Insight.

“When building data products, various aspects of data quality are often high on the list.”

He adds that the efficient creation and deployment of new machine learning models poses an interesting set of challenges. An extension of a DevOps mindset into the domain of machine learning – MLOps – has gained traction in the last few years and is evolving.

But even with all the challenges and goals of his new position, the people from his team are the most important factor. He looks forward to getting to know the people of Volue Insight.

Rolv expects an important contribution of his will be to offer his technical and organisational competence to further the growth of Volue, and to improve and expand its analytics products.

Rolv Seehuus

"Rolv Seehuus will lead our talented R&D team and contribute to setting the right technology strategy and creating services that will further grow our platform and business. His experience in leading and growing technology teams and hands-on experience in developing data-driven products make him a perfect fit.”

Jørund Haartveit, Director, Volue Insight