Sergio Renteria Joins Volue as Head of Quality & Sustainability

Meet Sergio Renteria and find out what he plans to accomplish in his role as Head of Quality and Sustainability at Volue.

Sergio Renteria

Sergio Renteria started his career in Boston Consulting Group as a management consultant working across several different industries.

“Management consulting gave me the toolset to break down complex problems into pieces and to create a plan to tackle each problem. I have used the skills I picked up from my consulting work throughout my career,” he says.

Sergio Renteria worked for the Norwegian video broadcast company Appear for 10 years and led the expansion of the company in the Americas. This was the first time he experienced working on digitalisation, helping broadcasting and cable companies through digital transformation.

He describes himself as a problem solver with a very strong commercial mindset.

In his new role, he will focus on quality certifications, operational improvements, and sustainability.

“I believe that the role is placed very centrally within Volue. I will have visibility over many areas and interact with many internal stakeholders.”

Part of the role is to adjust and improve Volue’s quality management system as the company develops, as well as to ensure that everyone follows the system.

“The quality management system ensures that there is a continuous improvement and streamlining of procedures and routines. As Volue is expanding, it is continuously acquiring new companies. This adds a new level of complexity.”

The sustainability side of the role will allow Sergio Renteria to ensure that Volue meets its sustainability goals in all areas of the business.

“Every procedure, every routine should be aligned with the mission and the vision of the company, including with its sustainability agenda. This goes hand-in-hand with the quality aspect of the mission.”

Sergio Renteria is inspired by the vision of Volue and believes that he will be able to use all his skills and professional experience in this role.

His education is in industrial engineering. He also has a Masters of Business Administration from BI Norwegian Business School.