Volue Builds “Autopilot” for Energy Trading and Asset Marketing

Volue is at E-world trade fair (June 21-23 2022, Essen) Hall 3, Booth 3-336.

Volue Algo Trading Navigator

(Oslo/Aachen, June 1, 2022) Volue ASA (OSE: VOLUE)

The Volue Algo Trader Navigator is a decision-making trading platform with a multifunctional rule engine. It requires minimal intervention on the part of power traders, dispatchers, and risk controllers. Volue’s high-performance solutions for automated, short-term energy trading have always been one step ahead of the market and have defined industry standards.

The Navigator has successfully automated the process of trading renewables (wind and solar) in the intraday market. Now, Volue is taking the next step and entering the world of flexible asset trading.

Since 2021, the Navigator has boosted automation in intraday trading for renewables through a cloud-based platform managing feed-in forecast updates, trading positions and their automatic conversion into algorithmic trading strategies. Entering into flexible power generation assets, Volue is now connecting these to the intraday markets in a fully automated way.

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The Navigator can easily connect to any optimisation system in the Volue Group (“SMG” with “POMA” or “Shop” and “BoFiT”) as well as to Volue’s position management and scheduling system “DeltaXE”. Of course, it is also possible to connect third-party applications with a generic Rest API.

“With the Navigator, we offer our clients the next step in the evolution of algo trading solutions. It empowers them to automatically connect optimised asset production planning, incorporate their market views and expertise into the marketing of their portfolios, all based on a fully automated set-up that is geared to maximizing the overall profit for our customers,” says Roland Peetz, SVP Volue Trading Solutions.

Real-time prices from the intraday market are taken into account to generate new optimisation results for the flexible asset portfolio. They are automatically and continuously handed over to the Navigator which then manages the current positions and flexibilities in the intraday market. Trades and updated positions are sent back to the optimization system in real-time. This connection empowers the customers to systematically maximize revenue from their asset portfolio in the continuous intraday market while ensuring the safe operation of the assets.

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