Volue Is Changing Gear Heading Towards Its Bold 2025 Ambition

Responding to encouraging feedback from customers to become an even more integrated provider of technology and solutions for the secure operation of critical infrastructure, Volue is taking steps to further streamline its operating model. Firmly committed to the ambition of becoming a NOK 2 billion revenues company by 2025, Volue is also recruiting more talent to its executive team.


As recently as last year, what is Volue today comprised four individual companies. Although these companies had pioneered green technology for five decades, the quartet had separate management teams, a fragmented customer approach, no common R&D and product development strategies, and a mostly Norwegian footprint.

Since then, the four companies have joined forces behind one brand and in one organisation. In September 2020, the new company was listed and in 2021, it successfully moved to the main list on Oslo Børs.

“Today, 40 per cent of the market participants across the European exchanges are our customers. In Germany alone, we have grown our organisation from 20 to 120 people in less than a year. Europe has in many ways become our home market. This change in geographical reach is also reflected in our shareholder structure as 14 of our Top 20 largest shareholders are international institutional investors,” says Trond Straume, CEO of Volue.

The company is now preparing for the next big step. This involves further strengthening of its grip and organic growth in its European home market, careful expansion into selected international markets, most notably Japan and the US, and a continued search for the right acquisition candidates.

“We are encouraged and driven by feedback from our customers and the market. They are looking for a company which can provide leading technology and innovative service solutions that will help them secure critical power infrastructure, and at the same time move towards a cleaner, better and more profitable future,” Straume says.

Europe has in many ways become our home market.

Trond Straume CEO, Volue

To meet these expectations, Volue is now re-aligning its operating model.

“We are in the process of constructing a new corporate model, which will improve our ability to deliver on our ambitions. We are striving for happy customers, increased market footprint, secure products and services, and engaged employees. We will explore new ways of working more efficiently together by adopting new tools and technologies, and we will organise and prepare ourselves for a larger number of M&As going forward,” says Straume.

In parallel to the construction of a new corporate model and to meet the requirements of tomorrow, Volue is also recruiting more talent to its executive management team. A new Chief Delivery Officer, Thale Kuvås Solberg is already on board, coming from the position of Director M&A Integrations and Strategic Projects in Volue.

“I join the Executive Leadership Team at Volue at an important time for the company and for our customers. Volue is one of Europe’s largest enterprise software companies with a huge responsibility to support the transition to a net-zero emissions future,” says Thale Kuvås Solberg.

The search for a Chief Product Officer and a Chief Commercial Officer is ongoing, and the company’s R&D activities will be organised under the leadership of a new Chief Technology Officer.

“Looking back, there is no doubt in my mind that 2021 has been a transformational year for Volue. I am also certain that we are standing on the doorstep of another very exciting year with plenty of opportunities. Stay tuned as we continue on our journey towards our NOK 2 billion target,” Straume rounds off.