What's in a Brand: Volue Is Nominated for Best Green Brand in the Charge Awards

Following the nomination of Volue for Best Green Brand in the 2021 Charge Awards, Johannes Holdø, Volue's Head of Marketing and Communication, reflects on the three pillars the Volue brand is built on.

Johannes Holdo

Volue was created to fast track the green transition while securing the availability of the core services societies rely on – energy, power grid, water and infrastructure.

No matter where we live, climate change has an impact on the basic services we all rely on. Volue works closely with the providers of these services to make sure access to energy, water and important infrastructure is reliable.

Headquartered in Norway but acting globally, in less than two years Volue has come a long way.

How did we do it? We focused on the three pillars that make Volue what it is: heritage, sustainability and technology.

#1 Heritage

Founded by some of the most experienced and innovative technology companies in the industry, Volue has pioneered green technology for five decades.

Volue is the result of the fusion of Powel, Markedskraft, Scanmatic and Wattsight. Two additional companies have since been added to Volue: Likron and soon ProCom.

Our heritage through the Volue founding companies is what makes Volue such a strong player. Our domain knowledge is an intrinsic part of our DNA and positions us perfectly to help our customers succeed in the green transition.

But in addition to making use of our powerful heritage, we are fresh and agile as a startup.

We are swiftly developing SaaS solutions that make for more agile deliveries and frequent product updates.

We are investing in research and development to develop new and innovative technological solutions.

Volue is a frontrunner in several innovation projects focusing on the electrification of society. Examples include “+CityxChange” – funded by EU through Horizon 2020, “Smart Senja” and “Ren Respons”.

We focused on the three pillars that make Volue what it is: heritage, sustainability and technology.

Johannes Holdø Head of Marketing and Communication

#2 Sustainability

Volue comes from the word volatility and reflects the unpredictable nature of renewable power.

Back in the day, power production was centralized and consumer behaviour more predictable. But not anymore. The energy market is changing at a breathtaking pace.

Proven power supplies like nuclear, coal and gas are being phased out.

The number of players is increasing. From hundreds today to thousands and perhaps millions in the near future.

The distinction between producer and consumer is becoming blurred. The market will soon become dominated by prosumers – those who produce, as well as consume electricity.

But renewable power production is susceptible to unpredictable weather conditions and this brings volatility to the power system.

For the first time, we are entering a power market that is too complex for humans to manage on their own. Our products help power professionals examine data in minute detail, make it tangible, harness its complexity, and translate it into effective real-time decision support.

Getting the most out of existing power plants is a serious contribution to sustainability and this is one of Volue’s strongholds. Volue creates balance where there is volatility.

Getting the most out of existing power plants is a serious contribution to sustainability and this is one of Volue’s strongholds.

Johannes Holdø Head of Marketing and Communication

#3 Technology

The main driver for power producers today is to maximise the value of their resources. Hydro, thermal, wind, photovoltaic and batteries generate power to always-on markets 24/7. Efficient planning is crucial to achieving maximum value and minimum costs for each power plant – and complex portfolios of available assets.

By delivering software, insight and services for energy production, trading and distribution, Volue is enabling the green transition across Europe.

Using Volue technology for optimal planning, energy producers can document increased value but also reduced emissions. The largest European utilities like Fortum, Enel and Uniper are using Volue solutions. Our customers confirm that Volue technology is an essential brick in their strategy to realise the energy transition.

In Europe, more than 315 TWh of annual power generation is planned and optimized using Volue solutions.

At the same time, Volue’s Industrial IoT team is using IoT and data to solve some of the most pressing problems of the green transition by building instrumentation and automation devices for demanding environments for the energy, transportation, offshore and defence sectors.

Yet another team is building construction software that makes it possible to build infrastructure in the most efficient and sustainable way. With so much focus on sustainability, there is now an increased need for digitalisation and automation of processes and machines in the construction industry as well.

Today, more than 75 million people are impacted by the technology and services we provide in Europe towards a carbon-neutral future.

And we will grow more.

Being nominated for the Best Green Brand in the Charge Awards makes us incredibly proud.

About the CHARGE Awards

The CHARGE Energy Branding Awards 2021 celebrate the best brands and professionals across the global energy market.

Leveraging a combination of empirical measurements, independent qualitative analysis and academically verified benchmarking formula, every year CHARGE Awards are on the hunt to find the best of the best. For the past five years, CHARGE has showcased the very best the energy industry has to offer. Previous winners include Electric Kiwi, Celsia, Statkraft, Alperia, OVO and many more.

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