Volue at E-World: Unique Energy Digitalisation and Automation Offering

This year, the energy industry will meet Volue for the first time as one company. Stefan Zähringer, VP Sales Europe, tells you what to expect.

Stefan web

E-world is around the corner and I am a big fan. I’ve been going to it since 2008. The last two years were special because we couldn’t meet in person. I have missed meeting our customers and the entire energy industry in Essen. I am glad that time is over.

E-world is so much fun. It is very special that we can meet so many of our customers as well as the entire industry in three days. There are plenty of conversations going on and, personally, I learn so much about trends and developments, as well as about our customers’ needs. It’s a lot of work, but it’s worth it. It's a one-off experience.

Meet Volue for the first time

This year, one thing is different. In June, the energy industry will meet us for the first time as Volue. Don’t look for the companies that we used to be – Powel, Wattsight, Likron, ProCom, and more. Come and talk to Volue.

In 2020, Volue was created to fast track the green transition, founded by some of the most experienced and innovative technology companies in the industry: Powel, Markedskraft, Scanmatic and Wattsight. Later, Volue grew further through the acquisitions of the German companies Likron and ProCom.

Unique offering in Europe

Today, our offering is unique in Europe. We digitalise and automate the entire process of power production planning, optimisation, and trading, and provide market insights.

We are focused on solving your pain points.

The energy transition and the urgent need to create a sustainable future, as well as the war in Ukraine and the need to become independent of Russian fuels, open the door to an explosive growth of renewables.

But the intermittent nature of wind and solar makes the energy markets volatile. This is a pain point and, in parallel, a tremendous opportunity. Automation and speed are key to success.

In this fast and volatile energy market, we help you utilise better your flexible assets and trade energy products close to gate closure.

Most of our 2000 customers see us as partners, not just as a software vendor or market data service provider. Our customers appreciate the close cooperation, our desire to understand their needs, and that we go the extra mile for them.

We have a strong reference client base and continuously invest in software and data quality improvements, automation, speed, and security to make the green transition successful for you, our customers.

I am excited that E-world is happening this year. My team is all set. Let’s talk in Essen!

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