Grid Documentation & Data Management

Consolidate all grid data permanently in one or several synchronized & validated models to achieve full transparency about your grid. ​This provides you with the needed foundation for all subsequent processes.

Power grid during summer

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A market leader within grid management for over 30 years. The solution offers reliable and secure documentation of the cable networks of grid companies throughout the Nordic region.

Esri ArcGIS Software

As a gold partner of Esri Inc. we offer world-leading GIS-technology both for on-premise installation and embedded solutions in our cloud platform. Volue has substantial knowledge on Esri Utility Network and have executed several successful migration projects to Esri Utility Network.

Grid Documentation Consultancy & Services

Volue offers services, consulting and software solutions for migrating different legacy documentation systems to state-of-the-art solutions from different vendors for synchronizing and optimizing existing legacy systems and for using and leveraging existing data to improve decision making and increase the efficiency of different processes.

Volue Network Collector

Network Collector makes it simple to register and document the position and capabilities of low voltage assets - directly from the field. Registration is designed to be a streamlined part of the installation job - at the work site and by the use of a smartphone. 

Volue iAM Viewer

The cloud-based solution iAM Viewer makes your grid information data available everywhere, and allows you to share the information with everyone working on the grid.

Volue ImageGrid

With Volue ImageGrid all solutions and applications can use a common method to store and to retrieve images with simple programming against a well-defined API. Images are stored in the cloud with extensive security features and can be manually uploaded in singles or in bulk and be captured with the required metadata directly on a mobile device. The uploaded images can be analyzed with machine learning algorithms and features of the image tagged with metadata automatically.

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