Grid Planning & Analytics

Plan your network for the future, examine the effects of expansion measures and new supply tasks and leverage real-time data for improved decisions making.​ Leverage the data acquired to achieve operational excellence.​

Our solutions

NETBAS Analysis

As a core module within the NETBAS suite, NETBAS Analysis has been a market leader within grid analytics for over 30 years. The solutions offers support for a number of different use cases within the field of grid analytics.

Volue Grid Calculator

Available tools for planning distribution grids and performing different types of calculations of the grid are complex and require an intensive training and experience. Volue Grid Calculator is being developed right now to offer an easy-to-use and intuitive approach to the most relevant grid calculations necessary in all departments of the grid operator. It is web-browser based and frees the DSO’s organization from the constraints of grid calculations and allows the utility to perform its core task: Security of supply.

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