Flex Trade

Earn on your flexibility. We optimise your assets in the power market through cutting-edge technology, machine learning, algorithms, and a highly competent team.

Additional revenue stream

Access the flexibility markets and monetize your fleet’s untapped flexibility.

Stable and healthy grid

Participate with flexible consumption and production with your assets to balance the grid.

Green transition

Actively contribute to the continued growth in renewables and creation of net zero neighbourhoods.

More renewables, more opportunities

With the increased rollout of renewables, TSOs must deal with increased imbalances and find the extra capacity to balance the grid.

Often, the amount of renewable energy produced differs from the forecast. To ensure stable system frequency, the grid operators find ways to bring production and consumption to balance.

TSOs handle these imbalances in the balancing markets where they procure reserve capacity in auctions and activate reserve energy when required.

Traditionally, flexibility has been provided by hydro and combined heat and power plants, but this is changing.

The value of flexibility has shot up, and what we are seeing is that balancing services are provided by new players using new technologies. Every single EV has a battery. If you can aggregate 10,000 cars, you are looking at a huge flexibility storage.

Per Almbladh Head of Product Strategy at Market Services
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Enter the flexibility market

Aggregated EV portfolios that can connect to the grid and control charging and discharging can participate in the market.

By participating in the market, EV portfolios support TSOs and are paid for the offered flexibility. As a balance-responsible party, this is where we help out by enabling them to bid into the balancing markets.

Based on the Frequency Containment Reserve (FCR) forecast, it is determined how much capacity can be sold in the market. After sending the bid, we get confirmation on how much of the bid capacity has been accepted.

In the next step, EVs respond when needed. The EV will charge or discharge if the grid frequency deviates from 50 Hz.

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