Gemini VA

Gemini VA is the market-leading solution in Norway for management and documentation of the water and sewage network. Gemini VA registers the pipe network for water and sewage, as well as installations in the network such as manholes, drains, pumping stations and overflows.

Complete VA pipe network documentation

Gives you a full overview and contributes to efficient management of the wiring network.

Market leader

Used by over 200 customers. 90% of the Norwegian VA network is managed in Gemini VA.

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It is not only necessary to know where the cables are located and how old they are, in order to be able to plan maintenance and renewal of the VA network. The more you know about wiring materials, dimensions, operating history and other information about the wiring harness, the easier it will be to renew the wiring harness where it is needed most. The Gemini VA database is also used as a basis for hydraulic modeling in order to be able to calculate pressure and water volume in the pipe network, among other things.

Key functions of Gemini VA

  • The VA network is documented with standard properties.
  • All events are recorded in a separate diary, linked to the various components of the network.
  • Opportunity to present the web based on features and events.
  • Separate module for plans and orders that can communicate with Gemini Portal
  • Opportunity to retrieve useful statistics from the entire base or individual areas in the municipality.

An important further development of Gemini VA is the web solution Gemini Portal. The portal provides access to water and sewage data in real time and is primarily designed for people who work in the field. The application is web-based and has several thousand users. Gemini Portal has a simple, map-based user interface and has access to data from Gemini VA.

Volue offers cloud operation of both Gemini VA and Portal for those customers who do not want to be responsible for the operation of the solutions themselves. We currently have around 50 customers with full cloud operation on Gemini VA and Portal.

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