Smart Charging

Provide your users with an even greater value. Independent of power supplier and frictionless. Our solution provides smart charging optimised for a week-long price forecast.

Added value

You can enable your customers to manage energy consumption and keep their energy bills as low as possible.


Our API is designed to be flexible and easy to integrate into your existing platform.

Weekly forecast

Enable customers to truly optimise their charging schedules on a week-long basis.


The service does not bind your customers to any power supplier; they don’t need to sign additional contracts.

The bigger picture

EVs’ growing presence on the roads is challenging the power grid. However, we see them as an integral part of the solution by activating their untapped flexibility. Utilising EVs flexibility means that EVs draw from the grid when there is low demand or surplus generation. In turn, they avoid charging during low generation or high demand.

By doing this, EV owners actively contribute to Neighbourhood energy coordination while lowering their power bills.

Smart charging is essential for enabling the green transition.

Smart Charging Service 1

Free service

Our priority is creating an ecosystem of partners focused on the same journey - healthy power grid, faster penetration of renewables and net zero cities.

This creates long-term value for everyone. Distribution System Operators will establish flexible grid, through grid-aware charging. Consumers will lower their power bills, and you can monetize their flexibility through Flex trade.

We want to partner up with all eager to contribute to local energy coordination, and there is no price tag on that.

Flexible levels of integration

To make charging more intuitive, frictionless and efficient, we intelligently leverage data and insights to optimise your users’ charging sessions based on their needs.

Depending on your vision, it can be as simple as an embedded forecast preview or an integrated part of your existing solution.

01 Embedded forecast

Get started quickly. Expand your existing website or app by embedding charging suggestions based on our long-term power price forecast.

This level of implementation does not ask for advanced data integration and no EV data exchange. Minimal development is needed.

Embedded either on your website and/or your app.

02 Charging assistant

Advanced solution bringing the highest value to the end user, reactive to their input.

Send data and/or charging schedule to our API, and we will define the best charging scenario.

03 Customized embedding

If you have development capabilities and want to match your visual identity, you can embed our forecast directly in your web/app.

Have complete control over visualisations either using our API or software packages.

Pick and choose what and how you want to present to match your user’s needs.

Get started with Smart charging by Spark

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