24/7 Asset Monitoring: Elevate Your Energy Management Solutions

Whether you're an energy plant operator, renewable energy facility manager, or a key stakeholder in the energy markets, effective real-time monitoring is crucial. Our integration of SCADA systems ensures dynamic decision-making based on real-time data analytics.

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Your assets, our priority 

Experience peace of mind with our around-the-clock control room monitoring. Staffed with specialised professionals, we offer a level of constant oversight traditionally reserved only for large operators. With decades of specialised experience in energy asset monitoring, we deliver unrivaled solutions for operational efficiency. Our expert services enable you to leverage real-time data for peak performance and maximum ROI. Control of assets enabling curtailment and acting on flexibility markets.

If you aim to optimize your energy assets in the Nordics through data-driven strategies, advanced technological solutions, and 24/7 expert support, Volue is your perfect partner. Reach out today to explore untapped potentials for growth and efficiency in the Nordic energy markets. 

Real-time data for real-time decisions 

Harness the power of SCADA systems for energy management. Our solutions bridge the gap between data collection and actionable insights, transforming every market fluctuation into an opportunity. 
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Balance management with EMS 

Our Energy Management System (EMS) employs sophisticated algorithms to compute real-time imbalances and continually refine future market predictions. Features include automated real-time balance adjustments as well as visual dashboards for anomaly detection in the energy markets.

Reserve trading: Revenue optimisation and grid stability 

Our EMS specialises in reserve market trading, automatically crafting and submitting bids based on real-time data. Benefit from diversified revenue streams, comprehensive financial reporting, and a balanced grid. 
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Why choose Volue for your energy asset monitoring? 

Constant monitoring

Constant monitoring

Our control room is staffed 24/7.

Conflict-free operations

Conflict-free operations

We prioritise your assets, eliminating any risk of conflict of interest.

Predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance

Proactive issue detection and resolution.

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Richard Schytte, Chief Commercial Officer

Richard Schytte, Chief Commercial Officer